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How to Choose Wedding Favors That People Will Actually Keep

After the all the hard work it takes to plan and put on a wedding, you hardly want your guests chucking their favors on the way out. What are some sure hits that guests will love?

Bring the foodstuffs

You can’t really go wrong with food. All guests love a favor that they can eat, whether it’s a box of personalized chocolates or a cute package of cookies. Here are a few fun favors that all the foodies at your reception will love.

  • Moulded chocolates–and speaking of chocolate…here’s another delicious DIY option to consider. Find a cute mold to fit your wedding’s theme, and you’re good to go! Your custom chocolate will be that perfect mixture of adorable and delicious, and everyone will be sure to keep them. Some great places to look are Etsy, ebay and even your local craft store.

  • Hot chocolate mix. For a winter wedding, hot chocolate mix can make an especially sweet gift. It’s sure to bring back happy memories, and it will tug on the heart strings in just the right way.

  • Candy bars are growing in popularity. You can even create themes–the bride’s favorites, the groom’s favorites–you get the picture. It’s also fun to create and/or decorate your own takeaway bags for an added touch of cuteness. And if candy’s not quite your thing, put your own unique spin on things and have a cookie bar.

Go for utility

Much like food, really useful items are unlikely to end up in the bin. Planning a summer wedding? Your guests are sure to appreciate a pair of shades–all the better to see you with, right? Here are some other utilitarian (yet still fabulous) options:

  • Tote bags are a great option, especially if your find (or create) a killer graphic. Your guests will be able to use this again and again, which is never a bad thing. Grocery shopping, beach days–this gift is sure to come in handy. You can either DIY your own bags, or order them online. Here’s just one that we found:

Bag from Etsy

  • Potted plants–if we’re going for utility, why not go for something doubly useful? One popular favor idea is to plant a small succulent within a teacup. Once you plant the succulent in your garden, you’ll have an adorable little cup!

  • Reusable water bottles–okay, so it might not be the most romantic favor ever, but they can definitely make a great keepsake. As with the tote bags, there are many websites that will allow to customize your own graphic.

  • Ornaments are a great option for a winter wedding. DIY them yourself (origami is a classic and whimsical option), or pick out some charming vintage ones.

No matter what you choose, there’s something just plain special about a good wedding favor. Be it a little jar of jelly beans, or a cute bird figurine, your guests are sure to appreciate the thought you put into your wedding.

Ms Gingham says: So many options! From DIY to cute little finds on the web! Take some time and you’ll find something unique to fit your budget!

Uma Campbell is a freelance writer from Southern California. She loves writing about weddings, style, and home decor.