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In my Bridal Market Fall 2014 roundup, I mentioned one Australian designer who made her runway debut at 2014 market and made nothing short of a splash- Johanna Johnson held a runway show of her  “Muse” Spring/Summer 2014 Collection at New York’s Highline Hotel.

“Muse” is all about New York City. inspired by the architecture, art deco details, the elegance, the glamour the drama of New York’s famous buildings. Johanna created a collection that included shimmering custom dyed liquid silks (her trademark), strong gold metallic gowns (my favourites), encrusted velvets, embellished beading detailing and silk paneling.

It’s wonderful to me, that from the first Johanna Johnson collection I really poured over (“Adorn” in 2009) her style remains consistent and has only become more beautiful. The silhouettes are still red carpet glamour, the detailing is still incredibly inspired by the art deco era and each and every piece still manages to take my breath away.

The “Muse” collection pieces are available for pre sale now and will hit stores on December 1st, 2013.

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