Eleni and Sean

A Greece destination wedding always gets me inspired- there is something about the incredible contrast of white buildings against the beautiful blue sky and water that makes for a stunning wedding location. Eleni and Sean traveled to Greece to celebrate their marriage with their loved ones and were captured by photographer Theodoros Chliapas.

Eleni and Sean tell their story. “We had a chance meeting in Athens seven years ago. Eleni was traveling with a friend (her matron of honour, Emma) in Europe, and it was the last night of her holiday. Sean was also on the last night of his trip after 10 days in the Greek islands with friends. We spent just under 24 hours together in Athens before returning to our homes in Sydney and London. After six months of getting to know each other from opposite sides of the world, Sean moved to Sydney to be with Eleni.”

Of their decision to wed in Greece, Eleni and Simon tell, “We decided to return to Greece to be married as it is such a special place for us. We both have more family in Europe than Australia – Eleni’s father is from Greece and Sean’s mother is from Scotland. We were able to meet many of each other’s family members for the first time in the days leading up to the wedding. Once our immediate families in Australia told us they would like to come to Greece, it was an easy decision.”

The bride’s father did her hair! ” Eleni’s dad has owned a hair salon for over 40 years. Despite him being on holiday, he had six non-paying clients on our wedding day!”

Of their photographer, the newlyweds tell, “We found Theodoros after a fairly exhaustive search online. We absolutely loved the way he captures the true spirit and special moments of weddings. We waited with bated breath to hear whether he was available and, to our relief, he was. We are so pleased with our initial photos and cannot wait to see the rest.”

Eleni chose a wedding gown by Karen Willis Holmes with her bridesmaids in green frocks from Rodeo Show.

The bride and bridesmaids took a boat to the ceremony, with only a minor hiccup. “Sean arranged Eleni’s boat to the wedding (on the day of the wedding!). He remembered everything other than to leave her some cash to pay for the taxis to the port. Eleni had to go to an ATM in the middle of town in her wedding dress and her pin wouldn’t work. After many phone calls, Theo (our photographer) came to the rescue when we met him at the port.”

“In Greek weddings, you walk down the aisle as a couple after meeting for a kiss at the door of the church. Sean’s mother is a singer and sang ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone as Eleni walked up the steps to the church with her father.”

Eleni and Sean were married atPanagitsa tou Pirgou. They tell, “Panagitsa tou Pirgou (Παναγίτσα του Πύργου) is the most prominent church in Skopelos Town. It is impossible to miss as you catch the ferry into the port. It was an easy choice!”

Guests enjoyed a sunset cruise following the ceremony.

Molos Taverna was chosen for then reception, Eleni and Sean tell, “Molos Restaurant was just about the only restaurant with a website on the island. We just went with it and couldn’t have been happier with the lovely family who run it and helped us with whatever we needed. Nothing was too much trouble!”

For wedding favors, the couple went with something traditional, remembering, ” We put together some boxes for the ‘koufeta’ (sugared almonds). In Greek tradition, they are given to guests in an amount that is indivisible. This represents the concept that the number cannot be divided and as so, the new couple will never be divided or break up. The sugar coating represents the hope that life will be blessed with more sweetness than bitterness.”

As for their first dance, they tell, “We didn’t really do one, but some Greek dancing did happen after dinner.”

Congratulations on your marriage Eleni and Sean. Thank you to Theodoros Chliapas for sharing these beautiful images.