Dip-dyed ombre napkins

Have you fallen head over heels for the ombre look? Good! Because you’re in for a treat over the next couple of weeks as I share some watercolour-inspired crafts.

This dip dyeing tutorial is a handy way to incorporate this look into your table setting!

Of course the projects are perfect for your wedding but I thought I’d give the photo shoot a bit of a festive twist in keeping with the season.

Dip-dyed ombre napkins

1. Empty the contents of your dye sachet into a bucket of hot water and stir, according to packet instructions.

2. Dip the bottom third of your napkin into the dye. Continue dipping gradually smaller lengths of the napkin so that the colour concentrates at the bottom.

3. Carefully lay the napkin on the side of the bucket (making sure not to get any dye on the white parts) so the bottom edge is sitting in the dye. Leave for 10 minutes until the bottom edge is sufficiently coloured and the top of the dye has seeped up a bit to soften the edge.

4. Rinse napkin until the water runs clear.

5. Gently handwash in a mild detergent and rinse in fresh water.

Dip-dyed ombre napkins

Ta-da! Your very own custom dyed napkins.

Dip-dyed ombre napkins

 Images by Akimbo

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