Sarah and Joel

The colour and fun of a carnival, or in this case the Ekka Show makes for such great carnival engagement photos! Chloe Celestina Photography teamed up with Lyndal Carmichael Photography to catch these fun photographs to commemorate Sarah and Joel’s engagement!

Sarah and Joel tell of how they came to be. “We met through a mutual friend at a housewarming party. We were both very shy and it took us a while to get chatting! The next day we got in contact with each other and ended up going on a date. We talked for hours and found we had a lot in common. It progressed in to more dates with a lot of late nights but we just enjoyed each other’s company so much!”



On what she loves about Joel, Sarah says, “I love that Joel is such a kind and generous person. He always puts others before himself. He’s the one person that can always make me feel better when times are hard. Just being around him makes me feel so happy, he’s the one person I can always rely on.”

The proposal was a classic New York occasion, Sarah remembering, “At the end of 2012 Joel had to travel overseas for his work, and was gone for a number of weeks. At the end of his work trip, I flew over to meet him in New York City as we’d organised a two week holiday. It was in New York that Joel proposed, on a beautiful afternoon in Central Park. He had organised for us to have a couples photography session, and after a fun afternoon taking photos he proposed – and the photographer was able to capture it all on camera. It was a pretty good start to what turned out to be an awesome holiday!”

Of Sarah, Joel says, “I love that Sarah can always make me laugh, she too is a kind and thoughtful person who also thinks about others. She has been so supportive of me with my work as I travel a lot and I know I can always depend on her. Life would not be as fun and fulfilling without her.”

“We love going to the carnival every time they come to town. We’re both fun-loving people and just love the atmosphere of the carnival, the food, the rides. Joel suggested we do our photoshoot at the carnival, and it was a great decision! We absolutely had the best time, and were so pleased how the photos turned out.”