I like rounding out the week with something different and fun and this vintage Valentine love story from a group of Brisbane wedding professionals, a love story, is just the ticket for the end of a romantic week! A story of old-time romance, old-time beauty and all the wonder of times gone by as the story unfolds.

From the romantic start of hand-delivered flowers to the most beautiful vintage gown and shoes, our couple’s love story is simple and utterly romantic, told through photographs and beautiful settings designed to inspire the romantic in you.

Photographer  Tanya Love teamed up with stylist, designer and furniture hire company Moments in Vintage – Vintage Furniture & Decor Hire at Old Petrie Town, Petrie. Together with hair & makeup artist Peekaboo Makeup Artistry, floral designer Wedding Flowers By Julia Rose , cake designer Little Miss Cake Company, clothing stylist Atomic Martini Vintage, and musician Jackson Smith the team pulled together to tell the love story – with gorgeous vintage cars from Ace High Classic Car Services and yummy food from Love My Food.

“Oh, the butterflies! He can’t wait to see her. Dressed in his best, and with a beautiful posy that he hand-picked just for her.”

“He pulls his car up, outside of her office. “Clickety, Clack, tap, tap, ding! Clickety, Clack”. “Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Good afternoon!”. The sounds of office activity hum around her. But she can’t concentrate on anything but HIM. His photo on her desk, distracting her further. She begins to type, “To My Darling….” …and he is there. It is 5 o’clock.”

“That smile, those eyes. She is giddy in his presence. He presents her with flowers, and a gift of love, a diamond necklace, for her to wear close to her heart, always. They embrace, and the scent of his aftershave makes her blush! ”

“He drives her home and delivers her safely to her porch. He kisses her and whispers, “Until tomorrow, my love”. In an instant, he is gone, and she misses him already… ”

“She awakes to the sweet summer scent of freshly cut grass, and the sound of the birds happily singing in the trees. Pulling on her robe, she heads to the door to collect her morning paper. “Click”, she opens the door. A box. Small, and beautiful, and with a big red ribbon.”

“How could this be, it is only 8am? She reaches down, and picks it up, smiling as she realizes it must be from him. Her heart jumps out of her chest. “Vroooom”. She looks up. She clutches her necklace to her heart, as he drives down away, down the road. A single red rose.”

“And a card. “A gown to wrap you in my love, A rose with scent so sweet, A yummy treat just for you, And red lips just for me. The chauffeur will arrive at 6, To bring you to my side, And an evening you will never forget, My beautiful Valentine.” Oh, my! The day will be so long in anticipation!”

“The day will be so long in anticipation! “Tick, tock” the minutes pass so slowly. Has time stopped? Surely, the hour must almost be here? A cup of tea to settle her nerves, and her sweet treat that reminds her of him. She nervously fixes her hair and makeup, and she wonders what the night has in store.”

“She dresses carefully, in her perfect pink gown. No detail overlooked, with love in her heart, and a smile upon her perfect red lips. A final check of the mirror, and she is ready.”

“Vrooom!” It is time! There is red carpet, and a chauffeur, could a girl be so lucky?”

” The sun is setting as she arrives. …and he is there. So handsome in his bow tie, so gentle in his touch. There are flowers, and lace, and a chandelier, fine china and crystal too. It is all so beautiful, and just for her? She sighs. Her heart is bursting.”

” There are gourmet delights, the gentle strumming of a guitar, and a sweet voice to match. He holds her close. She wishes this day could last forever!”

” Finally, dessert is served. A mouthwatering cake. It says “Forever”. She knows what this means. His hand gently cups her chin, and they kiss.”

“They will never be parted again. It is as though every moment of their lives has been leading to this day. It was meant to be. My Vintage Valentine.”