Image by Blue Print Photography

A wedding album design is not just a collection of gorgeous photos. It signifies the first chapter of your lives together and the visual narrative that will be handed down to future generations.

The tangible experience of holding the photos in your hands is something that a screen can never fully replace. This is why an album and its design are so important. Here are the 5 elements that we find are important when designing a wedding album.

  1. Choosing your photos.  Go through your images separately first and make a favourites list. After comparing your individual lists together, the image numbers that are the same are the must haves. The image numbers that don’t appear on each other’s lists can be negotiated over a romantic dinner.
  2. How many photos.  Don’t be concerned on how many images you have to choose. Just email your favourites lists to your photographer. This provides us with a guide on how you would like your story told. On average our couples send us anywhere between 80 to 120 image numbers, but it doesn’t mean all will be used.
  3. The Design. When individually selecting the must have images, it might be difficult to see what they would look like placed together to tell your story. Our vision as photographers, and the custom album design software we use, helps you see which images work well together, which are better in black and white or with a special effect.
  4. Consistency. With so many photo editing effects available it’s best to stay consistent. For example, choose one vintage photo effect you like and run that theme through the album for a consistent look, otherwise the design starts to become more about all the different effects rather than the photos.
  5. Simplicity. Keep the design simple and clean. Less is more. Depending on the type or size of the album, avoid placing any more than 5 images on one side otherwise your album starts to look more like a collage. Sometimes, a single image per side can say so much more. 

When you’ve approved the final draft, we get to work on further refining each image with our signature artistic style. Each photo is then archival printed to last a lifetime.

Ms Gingham says: I love the tactile sentimentality of a wedding album and it makes a great coffee table book!

About Blue Print Photography: For us, it’s all about the art of photography and documenting those timeless memories that form the foundations of everyone’s family history.

Interested in investing in an album as a memento of your wedding? Blueprint Photography are offering a complimentary Parent Album valued at $550 with every every album package booked before the end of 2013. Their albums are handcrafted in Australia, using a very special linen-textured paper, sourced from one of the world’s finest paper mills. To see one of their Albums designs click here.