Secrets To A Perfect Wedding

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Amanda Thorson of Thorson Photography

When you attend weddings nearly every weekend you inevitably learn a few tricks. These aren’t huge secrets, but hopefully these tips will help make your wedding day just a little bit easier and a tad more relaxed. So here are my secrets to a perfect wedding:

1. Dirty Dress – One unfortunate fact of weddings is that your wedding dress will most likely get dirty. That’s why no one wears big white dresses in real life – they’re just not practical. The reason I share this sad truth with you is as a warning and so that you’re prepared. It’s going to happen so there’s no need to stress when it does… that’s why there are dry cleaners in this world.

Photo by Thorson Photography

2. Flat Shoes – You may have the ambition of wearing your carefully chosen high heels for the whole day, but let’s be honest, there is little chance of this happening. By the time the reception comes around you’re going to be pooped and your feet will be hurting. Do yourself a favor and bring a pair of flats to change into. Flats may also be good to wear for photos because if you’re wanting those ‘romantic walking-through-a-field shots’…you will actually have to go walking through a field.

Photo by Thorson Photography

3. Rain – You don’t want it to rain, but unfortunately you can’t control the weather. So be prepared. Purchase some matching umbrellas for the wedding party. Make sure you keep the receipts ‘cause hopefully you won’t have to use them and then you can return them!

Photo By Thorson Photography

4. Trust Your Photographer – Sometimes your photographer’s ideas may seem a little crazy at the time, but they will all make sense once you get your images back. Also, try not to look at other wedding photographers’ work for ideas. Your photographer should be happy for your input but they’re not going to copy anyone else. Instead, let’s brainstorm and work together to make your images fresh and exciting!

Photo By Thorson Photography

5. Relax – The most important thing is that you’re getting married. Try not to stress if things don’t go exactly to plan. Just have fun!

Ms Gingham says: Sound advice!

About Amanda of Thorson Photography: Relationships are the most important thing we have in life. The people we surround ourselves with love us, even if we are big nerds. I want to capture these relationships either by portrait or on your wedding day. Not as insincere, fake images that don’t even look like you, but as honest refections of your love and connection to one another.



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