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My cousin recently posted on Facebook, “Why can’t I pack light… so far for Ibiza I have about 20 pairs of shoes, 6 tops, 15 dresses, 9 skirts… never mind necklaces and bangles… and I’m only going for 4 nights!”

This dilemma is a common one: what to pack! It’s especially tricky when you’re in the final stages of full-blown wedding chaos, and packing for your honeymoon is the farthest thing from your mind.

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Thankfully, there are experienced travellers amongst us who are willing to share their packing gems:

The Usual Documentation

  • Passport and tickets.
  • Identification (note: if you’re planning on changing your last name, do it after the honeymoon. Otherwise if your name on your license/identification doesn’t match that on your passport, you’ll be in a spot of bother).
  • Accommodation reservation confirmations/receipts (note: always let people know it’s your honeymoon and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the extra niceties).
  • Important list of contacts (just in case).

The Electronic Line-up

  • Phone and charger.
  • Camera and charger and spare SD cards.
  • Laptop or iPad (note: they can be good for reading ebooks or downloading photos, but otherwise leave at home).
  • Straightener – it’s the most versatile as it can straighten and curl, plus hotel rooms usually have a hairdryer.
  • Power converter so you can actually plug in above-mentioned items.

The Wardrobe

This is all subject to destination, activity, and weather, but saying that, here are some useful tips to guide your packing:

  • 3 pairs of shoes maximum. Ballet flats are a given due to their versatility. Next, either thongs/sandals or a pair of warm boots (whatever suits the climate). Lastly, a pair of wedges/heels or runners/hiking boots (depending on your activity level).
  • Lay out all of your clothing beforehand and check if it all matches… you’ll get the most number of outfits from items that can be worn with multiple other items. Given it’s your honeymoon, it’s OK to include a couple of special one-off pieces!
  • Packing cubes are an organiser’s dream… pack tops into one, dresses into another, and you’ll be sorted. Plus it makes repacking a lot easier, especially if you get searched at the airport.

Looking After Your Clothes & Yourself

  • Washing bags – “I bought a big Norwex one and use it as our dirty clothes bag to keep them separated until we wash next. Plus it helps keep special clothes looking nice in foreign washing machines.”
  • Colour snatcher sheets – “So if you need to do washing, you don’t need to separate the colours as the sheets stop the colour from running!”
  • Moisturiser – “You can never get enough, it’s nice to avoid dry skin and feel fresh.”
  • Dry shampoo – “Especially for beach locations as you can freshen up your hair before dinner.”

Multi-Purpose Items

  • A light weight (cashmere or cotton) decent sized scarf – “I have an animal print one from Witchery and it has been amazing. So far I’ve used it as a blanket in the cold, a sarong, a skirt, a scarf, a head scarf for a scooter, a shawl, an outfit sprucer, a blanket on the aeroplane, a ruck sack, a beach blanket, and a pillow.”
  • Zip-lock and plastics bags will always come in use… they are great for separating jewellery, keeping toiletries secure in case of leakage, and wrapping up shoes for repacking.

Honeymoon Specifics

  • Even if you aren’t that ‘kind of girl’ I recommend taking something nice to wear lingerie-wise that makes you feel sexy or romantic!
  • “A special kit full of essentials for the bedroom”… I don’t really need to list specifics here right?

Now go and enjoy your own Edward and Bella moments!

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