Some fantastic words of advice from very cool groom JP, after his St Kilda Mexican Fiesta Wedding to Sarah.  He’s given not one, but three memorable moments from his big day, and makes the fine point of the equal importance of the groom in the whole equation!

Three things. The suit- I’m a little guy and find it challenging to find things that fit me properly. The boys from P.Johnston were fantastic at helping me realize my dream outfit. Basically I rolled in and said “Nick Cave, make me a suit”, obviously shoes (Gucci) and shirt/tie combo (Tom Ford) helped tie it all together. Don’t let the bride upstage you, it’s your wedding too.

st kilda mexican fiesta wedding03

st kilda mexican fiesta wedding25

The photographer- choose wisely. Jonas Peterson is a friend of mine and as such I trusted him implicitly to make us look cool. The photos are what you will be looking at in 20 years time.



Relax- remember, a wedding is all about you and your betrothed being in love and celebrating as such. The rest is just details.



Images by Jonas Peterson

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