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Wedding means the union of the bride and groom. Although the focus tends to be on the bride we shouldn’t forget to include the groom in this wonderful project. It is his wedding too you know! I’m sure deep down guys would appreciate to be included in their wedding planning. Grooms can surprise your with their help if you give them a chance.

Here are some simple ways to get your groom involved:

  • Budget A good area to start would be the budget! Guys are usually good at math and with managing money. This is an important part of the wedding planning that you could entrust your future groom with and he would be probably delighted to be in charge of the money!
  • Transportation Cars are a guy’s thing! You already have too much on your plate choosing your wedding gown and deciding on the bridesmaid’s dresses and the flowers for your bouquets etc. This is one area that can definitely be delegated to your partner.
  • What are his negotiating skills? Test your guy’s negotiating skills! He might be in his comfort zone when negotiating prices for your wedding. You never know he might surprise you.
  • Hand over honeymoon duty What could be more exciting than planning a relaxing, romantic vacation? A lot of guys would love to have complete control on the honeymoon plans. He’ll enjoy getting caught up in all the fun, creative honeymoon possibilities and you’ll enjoy the surprise after all the stress of organizing your big day.

Working together on your wedding planning can be a good start at practicing partnership for your life together. Don’t just tell him what to do, let him have a say! Asking your groom how he feels about venues, cakes, decor, etc. and working together to find something that fits both of your interests will make him feel valued, and ultimately keep his involvement throughout the planning process.

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Ms Gingham says: I think grooms lose interest in the wedding planning because the brides and her friends and family do tend to take over. Remember that this day is about you and your fiance and it’s so important to start your marriage as a united couple not separated from each other. This is a great start!

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