Anna Campbell‘s Belle Ivoire collection- the brand new off the rack selection debuted earlier this month and with each piece comes the signature Anna Campbell Grecian draping, sparkling beading and incredible fabrics (100% silk and lace is used on every gown).

The off the rack collection, made and hand finished in Melbourne but shipping worldwide (and available through Anna Campbell stockists) introduces laces, trains (in lace or chiffon) and is inspired by vintage romance, thoughts of a bride who adores whimsical styling, fresh ideas, unstructured florals and the beauty of nature at it’s purest form.

Belle Ivoire also introduced a new colour to Anna’s palette – the chic latte adds a modern edge and something a little less traditional but still with the vintage flair that runs through Anna’s work.

As with every Anna Campbell piece, the most breath taking details are always at the back, this collection is no exception – another beautiful collection from this gorgeous Melbourne designer.