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Victoria Cameron

I place a lot of importance on the wedding stationery. It’s the first impression you give your guests and in my mind sets the tone of the event.

I’ve taken some time to chat with one of the loveliest stationers around, Jackie Ryder from With Love Stationery & Design. Based in Brisbane, QLD Jackie has a background in commercial graphic design and has been providing couples with all their stationery needs for three fantastic years. Here Jackie provides some guidance and inspiration for couples in the throws of planning their wedding day…


Image by David Ferguson Photography


Image by David Ferguson Photography

What are some trends you’ve seen emerging in wedding stationery designs?
Letterpress has been around for quite some time in the US, but I feel as though it’s really only been in the last year or so, that it’s started to really break out here in Australia and as a result, a number of new letterpress studios have started up. Calligraphy is also really current as is watercolour and geometric patterns.

I think we’re starting to see a more sophisticated style coming back where as last year we were seeing a lot of heavily handmade and vintage style stationery. At the moment, I’m really loving the foiling process (in particular, copper/rose gold!) – when done right, it can look incredible.


Image by Studio Impressions

What is the difference between letterpress and digital printing? Do you have a preference and if so, why?
Letterpress is an old printing technique using ink and printing plates and when applied to paper, it leaves a beautiful impression. Usually printed on cotton stocks (as the paper is designed to crush) the result is really beautiful, however it does have its limitations. The cost is dependent on the number of colours used and you cannot personalise your stationery with guest names etc. Digital printing on the other hand, is a much more cost effective process as it’s perfect for small runs and allows for variable data as there is no plate setup.

What advice can you give couples who are researching stationers? Is there anything they should look out for or take to meetings?
Look for a stationer that not only fits within your budget, but suits your design aesthetic. If you’ve seen some styles you like online, save them to a pinterest board so your stationer can get an understanding of what you like. Better yet, start a pinterest board for your wedding – the bigger the scope, the more your stationer has to work with.

If a ready-made design is more within your budget, but you are looking for something a little more unique, ask the stationer if they are able to customise it for you – maybe you like the layout but would like a tweak to the typefaces and colour palette. The options are endless.


Image by David Ferguson Photography

What’s some of the biggest misconceptions couples have regarding wedding stationery?
The biggest misconception is that stationery is expensive. When you hire a professional, for any trade or service, you will always expect to pay more than what you would if you were to do it yourself, however, the added benefit is that the supplier you choose, does this day in, day out. By the time you design your own, buy paper stocks, hand-cut them and buy ink for your printer, not to mention your time, you may find it is easier to and a lot less stressful to put your trust in a stationer.

Additionally, you can still achieve a beautiful result without having to blow your budget. Most couples are choosing to have smaller, more intimate weddings and therefore most of my clients only order around 30-50 invitations at a time. It’s all about being creative – sometimes the best result can come from having a limited budget because you can explore options you may not have ever considered.

What’s the one item of wedding stationery that you feel makes the difference that couples often overlook?
The humble RSVP postcard! Yes, you can always provide an email address with an RSVP date on your invitation, but simplicity is key – if you provide your guests with an addressed RSVP postcard, pre-stamped and ready to go, all your guests have to do is check a few boxes and pop it straight in the post. I’ve worked with a number of couples where they’ve wanted to ensure that people’s dietary requirements are catered for and also provided transport to and from the venue, which can easily be incorporated on to an RSVP postcard. If you ask someone to remember all of these things when they RSVP to an email address, you’re more than likely going to have to chase people because they’ve omitted a detail you need.

Save the date cards are also another stationery piece to consider – they don’t have to be elaborate but they’re a good way to notify your guests of the date, without having to send your invitations out too early. I’ve had couples send invitations six months out from the wedding and in these times, people are living busy and full lives, so if you send these out too prematurely, you may find you’re chasing up your guests because they’ve forgotten!


Image by Ryder Evans

If like me you love Jackie’s work and are looking for a stationer to collaborate with head over to and get the ball rolling.

Ms Gingham says: Some really great advice and tips here ladies!

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