Yasmin and Niranjan

You know how much I adore photos amongst the strong shapes of city building and the dark ambiance only a city can hold in the colder weather. Melbourne City provided the backdrop for Yasmin and Niranjan’s engagement photographs with Shaun Lee, the couple wanting to highlight iconic Melbourne locations.

The couple tell, “We met through a mutual friend. Just one of those chance meetings.”

“We have have two beautiful cats – Finn who is a Bengal and Oliver who is a Burmese – and the two boys cause endless amusement in the house with spectacular failed landings and demanding personalities.”

“Niranjan proposed to Yasmin on 29 February 2012 in Abu Dhabi during a desert safari under a clear night and starlit ceiling. It was an amazing night that will never be forgotten.”

“Yasmin loves Niranjan’s ambition, drive and playfulness. Niranjan loves Yasmin’s incredibly loving and generous nature – and also her playfulness!”