Anna & Murray

I swear every time I see photos of Tasmania I fall head over heels for the state- the landscape, the food and the crisp clear air. Fred+Hannah captured this Huon Valley engagement session of Anna and Murray. Starting in the apple orchards and leading through to the incredible backdrop of Mountain River I love every bit of today’s shoot.

How did they meet? The couple kick off their story. “We met through mutual friends at pub quiz in far north Queensland in 2009. Murray knew who invented the jet engine and that impressed Anna enough for the magic to happen.”

“Anna googled Murray soon after they met and thought there must be 2 people with the same name. One geeky model aeroplane builder and one cool musician. Then she found out they were both the same guy. On one of our early dates we spent all day making chocolate from scratch , even roasting our own cocoa beans. It tasted terrible so we ended up eating dairy milk instead. Also, we have a special ‘it’s the weekend’ dance.”

The proposal story goes a little like this. “Just after we decided to move to Tassie we were camping on Maria Island. Murray proposed on a summer’s evening on the beach at Darlington as we sat watching the sea. He had been planning it for a while but Anna had no idea. Afterwards all the wombats and cape barren geese did a little dance like the woodland creatures in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves ( last bit not true but should be)!”

“We were impressed by Fred + Hannah’s other work and knew they had a great creative approach. We were especially keen to have our shoot in the Huon Valley as it was our home at the time and we looked at Sleeping Beauty mountain every day from our window. We wanted to capture the place and our sense of connection to it as much as we wanted to record the moment in time. We also like apples. Fred + Hannah took this on board and then did the rest, finding us the perfect locations and helping us to feel at ease and enjoy the shoot. The day was a lot of fun.”