When it comes to wedding suits, New Zealand born Crane Brothers offers one very simple phrase- Modern Traditionalist.

From a label started in 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand to a a store in Wellington, showroom in Sydney, regular fitting services in Melbourne they’ve certainly grown and with the growth have kept their message and style simple – the principles of artisan craft combined with modern design.

Crane Brothers recently showed their latest groom suit inspiration collection at New Zealand fashion week. From burgundy velvet blazers to classically tailored navy suits each once loaded with pure and utter style. There’s something about Crane Brothers tailoring that just works without looking too overdone or try hard. It comes together in one effortless swoop.

Founder Murray Crane remarks “Men should look for he three F words: fit, fabric and finish when buying a suit. Fit should be for the wearer taking into consideration build, posture and height. The shirt cuff should be showing on the wrist but sleeves should be long enough to sit comfortably on the hand. Look for good quality Italian or English mills when settling on a fabric. All of our suits are hand finished with hand stitch details and fabric is all important.”

“For our Antipodean climate, lightweight or “tropical weight” suitings are best. Wool-mohair, cotton and recently linen are very popular. Blue, light grey and beige based colours are being requested more and more.”

“To create a suit, we recommend eight weeks make time from start to finish. We need a minimum of twenty working days between our initial measure and a first fitting.”