the fox signature cocktail

The Fox Hotel in South Brisbane has one very special cocktail bar – themed around vintage Tennis, The Dandy Bar – so it makes sense that their signature cocktail, the “Bramble Sharapova” is a little inspired by the racquet and ball game!

Using sloe gin, grapefruit vodka and pinot gregio, shaken with house made lemon shrub and grapefruit bitters. The icing on the cocktail is a little piece of eye candy – rhubarb ribbons!


15mls sloe gin

15ml grapefruit vodka

30mls pinot gregio

15ml lemon

10mls shrub (vinegar) syrup

2 dashes of grapefruit bitters

Rhubarb ribbons


Add all ingredients to a cocktail mixing glass with cubed ice.

Shake HARD and strain over crushed ice and serve in a wine glass.

Garnish with Rhubarb ribbons and an orange wheel.

Photo by The Fox Hotel