Its Cocktail Friday, always our favourite time of the week and the delicious treat this week comes from Bridges Restaurant, close to the heart of Ubud in Bali!

Many Australians are said to love the classic cocktails that Bridges stirs up to enjoy while enjoying the jungle views overlooking Wos river in their open air terrace. Featuring the refreshing flavours of lemonade and watermelon, the classic subtle flavors of the Zig Zag are a delicious treat for a wedding, or a Summer afternoon.

The Zig Zag


100-150 g watermelon
45ml vodka citron (f.ex. Absolut)
15ml Triple sec orange liqueur
30ml sweet and sour lime juice
Orange slices


1. Put watermelon in a cocktail shaker and squash until smooth liquid

2. Add vodka, triple sec, sweet and sour lime juice and a big scoop of ice cubes

3. Shake well, pour into the glass

4. Decorate with two slices of orange