Dear Ms Polka Dot

I’m just wanting to know if you can help with a lighting query. I’ve noticed in a lot of your wedding blogs that people have cafe lights strung up at their reception. Do you know where I can buy these from? They look so beautiful in the weddings I have seen on your site and would love to have some as part of our night.

whimisical white engagement party024 Anitra and Bens Whimiscal White Engagement Party

Photo from Anitra and Ben’s Engagement Party by Leo Farrell

My answer today comes from the lovely Anitra (who had the most gorgeous engagement party you can check out above! She let me in on a secret and I’ve been passing it onto couples ever since! You don’t need to stress about importing cafe lights/festoon lights into Australia! All you need to do is head to a hardware store, buy the multicoloured large globe party lights and switch the globes out for clear ones! It works a treat and gives you the clear strings of lights you’re after!