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Let’s face it when it comes to weddings you want to have your dream day… but it all comes at a price. Here’s some of our advice on what to think about when choosing flowers and how to make your budget for flowers go further.

It is the general rule of thumb that you should allow at least 10% of your total wedding budget for the flowers and styling. For your reception flowers, you could break it down into a ‘per head’ cost, so rather than seeing a table centre as $100 per table, if you have 10 people per table it’s $10 a head. Incorporate this into your overall budget when you start planning your wedding. Our big advice for couples when the subject of budget comes up is…. spend your money on what you’ll see in your photos. If you have a limited budget but don’t want to go without, make sure you don’t compromise on your bridal bouquets and bridal party flowers. These will be captured in your photographs forever. If you want to reduce costs, choose a style which requires fewer blooms and a modest scale.

Choose seasonal flowers
This seems to be the golden wisdom of every florist. A good florist will give you advice on the types of flowers that will be available when you are tying the knot. In our experience there is always a bloom that will complement your taste, colour schemes and styling. Be flexible and open to suggestions whilst staying true to what you like. Always choose a florist you trust and who understands your concept for your day. This gives you the confidence and your florist the freedom to create something wonderful that suits your budget. Using the same flowers throughout the styling can mean minimal wastage so you get more value for your money.

Fun lemons and yellows

Foliages allow your budget to go further than flowers and create great volume and texture, so consider making this a feature in your bouquets or arrangements. This works beautifully in venues when it complements the surrounds such as Wineries and also in modern venues for introducing nature into more urban spaces.

Winter Ferns, Succulents, Kale and Garrea

Less can be More

If your florist has experience of the venue ask them for their advice on what works best in the space. Sometimes, having a few larger arrangements can create more impact than a series of smaller less expensive arrangements. Creating the initial wow factor in a venue sets the atmosphere and creates a striking focal point.

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Creative Thinking
Get the most out of your flowers. Recycle through the wedding. Use your bridal bouquets on your bridal table as your centrepieces. Organise for arrangements from the ceremony to be transported to the reception. Or if they are in the same place request they be moved into more prominent positions for the reception so they can be enjoyed for the whole day and into the evening. If you are having pew ends at the ceremony enlist a trusted friend or family member to take them onto the reception to be placed in the bathrooms or in entrance or outdoor areas at the venue.

Peak Period Taxes

Beware of peak times in the world of flowers. For florists weddings around public holidays, particularly Christmas and New Year are troublesome times for availability of flowers and costs increase. Similarly Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day incur higher costs due to increased prices of flowers at this time.

Time is money
Your time is worth something and so too is your florist’s. If you are wanting to reduce your costs, think about simplicity. A posy bouquet is less labour intensive than a trailing bouquet. A venue with a simple yet effective tablecentre is more time-friendly than a table styled with mirrors, candles, hanging baubles and multiple vessels. Both look fantastic, it’s just about what your budget will allow. If it’s not something you can do well yourself or don’t have the time to do yourself then it is worth paying for someone to do it properly. Our philosophy is do it well no matter how big or small.

Sails Simplicity

Be up front from the start
Tell your florist your ideas and your budget.  Who doesn’t love to think big and plan their ultimate dream wedding? But be realistic. If you have an idea of what you want to spend tell your florist when you meet them and they’ll let you know what will be achievable and create something totally perfect for you.

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