When you’re blissed-out at your island destination wedding or basking in the sun at your fabulous honeymoon spot, you probably think, “I wish I could bring a piece of this home with me.” But since customs rules are so strict for international travel, with many countries working to prevent the spread of pests and germs across the globe, you might not be able to bring home any sand, shells, coral or other tangible reminders of your dream getaway!

But now you can have a little of your favorite beach’s sand…and wear it as a reminder of your glorious, romantic getaway.

I discovered Dune Jewelry Design, a company that uses a patented process to create pendants, rings, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets and beads using sand from actual beaches around the world. They have a SandBank of beach sands from over 1,400 locations so you get to search for your wedding or honeymoon location beach, and if it’s on the list, you can order a custom-made piece of jewelry containing your beach’s sand! (If you don’t see your beach’s sand in their SandBank, you can send them some if it’s okay to transport sand from your location home, and when you send them a cup for their SandBank, you get 10% off your order.)

And it’s not just beaches on their list. They also make jewelry for women and for men using sand from notable golf courses and sports parks, so if you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your groom, think about some sand from his favorite golf course, or from a golf course that he dreams of playing someday.

Another thing that brides and grooms are doing with these sand-inclusive creations is using them to imbue their wedding day with a personal touch. Let’s say you got engaged on your favorite beach, but that beach isn’t where your wedding will be. Well, you can get a Dune Jewelry bead bracelet with authentic sand from a big part of your love story to wear as a special memento.

Bridesmaids can wear beach sand bracelets custom-made with sand from the beach where you’ve gone on girls’ getaways, and parents can wear sandbead or sand-feature jewelry from the beach where you always went as a family, the site of so many happy family memories.

What a great idea for wedding and honeymoon gifts with meaning… these lovely pieces couldn’t be more personalized and sentimental!

See more at Dune Jewelry.

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Ms Gingham says: How beautiful would it be if you could have a pair of wedding rings made out of the sand from your beach wedding!

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