Annie & Pontus

I’ll admit it- the spring blooms in today’s Spring engagement photos had me at hello. What an incredible backdrop for beautiful photos! Photographer Jessica Lund captured this stunning engagement session in Sweden.

Pontus tells their story. “Annie and I met at a bar in Stockholm on a cold December night in 2008. I was out with the boys and just about to leave, when a friend from university walked in with some girlfriends. All of a sudden, all the guys thought it was a great idea to stay. This is where our stories part.

From what I remember, I took the initiative; while Annie thinks she made sure she was introduced to me. As the night progressed, and our friends left one by one, we found it impossible to leave one another and the conversation we never wanted to end. Finally, we were the only ones left, and we had a great night. Weeks passed and all of a sudden it was Christmas. Annie was unwavering and continually tried to get my attention by sending a number of texts. In mid January 2009, we had our first date at a nice little restaurant in Stockholm. It begun somewhat interesting, as Annie was very late after watching Obama’s inauguration on her TV at home. However, once she arrived, we had a great date. Once again, we were the last ones leaving, absorbed by a conversation we never wanted to end.

The following weeks were quite emotional. On our third date, the tables had turned, and suddenly it seemed like Annie was not the least bit interested. As we parted, I remember thinking to myself that I would never see her again. Clearly I was hooked… But she called a couple of days later and we continued to meet, with increasing frequency. Life had slowly begun to change.”

On what she loves about Pontus, Annie remarks, “The first time we met, I was struck by how handsome Pontus is; his mere presence made me nervous. As our relationship progressed, and I got to know him, I realized how genuine, loyal, caring and above all kind-hearted he is. In fact, he has the kindest heart I have ever known, and I respect him immensely because of it. Today, he is my best friend and the most delightful person I know. Oh, and I love his eyes, I will never stop marveling at how beautiful they are. He is the love of my life. ”

“Last summer, at Pontus’ family’s country house, I walked into the kitchen one morning as Pontus was whispering something in his mother’s ear. As I often get “accused” of sleeping in late, I became furious, as I was certain they had whispered something about me. I questioned Pontus about it intensely, and demanded he tell me what they had said. Months later, I found out that I had walked in at the very moment when Marianne, Pontus’ mother, handed him his grandmother’s engagement ring (the ring Pontus later proposed with). As it turns out, the two had struggled for days to find the right moment for Marianne to hand over the ring. It is safe to say that I got a bad conscience after later finding out what the whispers were really all about! ”

“There is no place like Paris in the springtime, especially when love is in the air. In the spring of 2012, we packed our bags and went to Paris. The origin of the trip was a riddle Pontus had given me for my 28th birthday, with a complementary puzzle depicting the Eiffel tower.

Little did I know that the trip had been carefully planned by Pontus, who had spent a lot of time finding a hotel with the perfect romantic ambiance, inspired by Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris. In the morning of our third day in the city, Pontus ordered a wonderful breakfast and asked me to “put on a nice dress”. The request made me somewhat suspicious, as we usually don’t practice dress codes at breakfast. At the same time, a wedding proposal was not on my radar. The breakfast was fantastic – the table contained everything from fresh croissants to different juices and fantastic marmalades.

A light pink peony was placed in the middle of the table, and the soundtrack from ”Midnight in Paris” completed the romantic setting. After a while, a seemingly nervous Pontus picked up the small box he had hidden behind a curtain. He got up, walked over to my chair and went down on one knee. None of us remembers exactly what he said. The only thing I remember is the shock and a feeling I’ll never forget. Inside the box, Pontus grandmother’s diamond engagement ring from the 1940s sparkled, and it was perfect. My head was spinning and there was a feeling of total happiness.”

On what he loves about Annie, Pontus tells, “The first night we meet we could not stop talking to each other. I was totally mesmerized by her beautiful blue and kind eyes, still am and always will be. Her kind way of looking at me fills my heart with warmth every day. Also, her way of listening, asking questions, her curiosity and caring is unrivaled. I really love her and I am certain she is the one for me.”