With such a showstopping wedding – it’s little wonder Kirstyn had so much valuable advice to share with us today! Her unique Australian Carnival Wedding to Adam was full of fabulous details, and her tips are fantastic for those planning a day with lots of coordinating involved! Although in the events industry herself, Kirstyn still has this great advice to share with other brides:

“Hire professionals! I know I might sound bias however after going through the process of planning my own wedding I absolutely recommend hiring an event stylist and coordinator! Although I had a lot to do with the styling and organisation of the whole day, I had arranged for a couple of our coordinators to make sure everything ran smoothly on the day and I thought that would be enough. I wanted to be the control freak that I am and oversee everything right up until the day of the wedding. But as the days drew closer I felt myself feeling completely overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done (that wasn’t the styling and coordination of staff), and I think this is how ‘bridezillas’ are born.”

“My mum and the other staff stepped in and took over so I was able to spend the last couple of days before the wedding with my bridesmaids that had come from overseas, and sorting out those last details. I got pampered and felt completely relaxed going in to the day. All the while, my mum and aunty along with the IGBY staff had hardly slept and were running around like headless chickens pulling everything together. But then on the day, our coordinators took control of everything and all of my family were able to relax and enjoy. It meant that we all felt footloose and fancy free, we enjoyed and appreciated every wonderful part of the day just as our guests did.”



“Now this is exactly my job, and what I do for other brides all the time, but after experiencing it first hand, I cannot stress enough how critical it was to the enjoyable day we all had.”


Images by Jonathan Ong