Buttonholes are a sweet little item aren’t they? They really can be made using anything. Fresh or dried flowers, buttons, herbs, ribbons, lace, leather or anything really. For Gents and Ladies there’s no nicer feeling than wearing a sweet scented little buttonhole for any occasion.

Today, we will be making a couple of sweet little diy buttonholes for the Lads. We made these for a beautiful nautical styled wedding shoot. We have chosen to use old recycled ribbons, thread and brass buttons.

Buttonhole #1 –  Ribbon with Jonquil (pictured above)

You will need:

– Ribbon/Thread

– Buttons

– Flowers (We decided to use a little Jonquil bloom and a few sprigs of Heather)

– Needle and thread (use a thin needle otherwise the flower will break apart)

– Pins ( to fasten buttonhole to clothing )

Step 1: Cut a length of ribbon (30cm or so)

Step 2: Cut off one Jonquil bloom. Gently thread the needle through the base of the bloom and sew onto the middle of the length of ribbon.

Step 3: Gently fold the ribbon behind to form a ‘bow’ shape. Sew in place.

Now its ready to wear. This can be made with a button or different bloom depending on your taste. This buttonhole will last for the day and maybe the next.

Buttonhole #2 – Heather and button

Step 1: Collect a small amount of cuttings (we have chosen Heather). Strip the lower part of the stems. Leave their stems uneven and rough.

Step 2: Slip the button over them then bind it all tightly to hold the button in place. Tie and leave the string long.

Now this one’s ready to wear. You can use a different type of flower or foliage if you wish. We chose heather because as it dries out it remains in shape. Some sprigs flop and curl as the day goes on so it’s important with buttonholes especially to choose bits that won’t wilt too soon.

All work and photographs by Cara and Luke Whatt of Foxglove Botanicals

Ms Gingham: This nautical wedding shoot gave me tingles up my spine! We’re so lucky to have the amazing Foxglove Botanicals share their secrets with us today!!!

Our little flower business is called Foxglove Botanicals. We are a husband and wife team of  Luke and Cara Whatt and absolutely adore wild flowers and pretty things. We have a studio in Melbourne and are available to do flowers for all occasions.