It’s amazing how once you’re engaged, everyone asks “have you set a date yet?” (and I have now discovered that once you’ve set a date and had the wedding, the next question everyone feels they are entitled to ask, is “when are you going to have a baby?”)

Mark and I had both agreed we didn’t particularly see the point in a long engagement. So then it was throwing different dates and ideas around. Do we have an engagement party? Or do we skip that and just focus on a wedding? Do we have a small ‘destination’ wedding, as we had discussed on several occasions in the past and then a big celebration party when we get home? Or a traditional wedding at home, that guarantees everyone we want there, can be there? So many options! And so overwhelming. Where to begin?

I joked that it would be so nice if we could just get everyone in the one room and spring a wedding on them. It could be relaxed, fun, 100% us – exactly the day we want, and we’d be no less married! Mark loved the idea, I loved the idea. And so our surprise wedding idea was born.

We decided we’d have an engagement party that would become the surprise wedding. We settled on November.

Just 5 short months after getting engaged. Were we mad?! Maybe. It was full steam ahead….

Swirl divider4 The Beginning Of Our Wedding Journey

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Kerrie says: “I am a radio journalist in my hometown of Adelaide. I love cups of tea, glasses of bubbles and precious time with those closest to me.”