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Gorgeous Bride Chantelle shares her words of wisdom when it comes to preserving your memories of your big day. Chantelle & Ben’s Vintage Romance Wedding was a beautiful DIY affair, and her inspired words of advice to not only be organised, but to remember the day, ring so true!

Chantelle says “Make sure absolutely everything is organised even down to the smaller detail! Choose suppliers (especially your photographer) that you click with and book them based on their work (not their price)! At the end of the day you will only remember the amazing job they did and not the price. Relax on the day and take it all in.”

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“Take heaps of photos leading up to the day. Perhaps take a photo at your dress fitting, while you’re making the invitations etc.

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Her hot tip – “Write a journal entry about your whole day while it’s still fresh. Write down your feelings and thoughts on the day. Then you will have plenty of things to remind you about the day.”

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