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So we had well and truly committed to a surprise wedding but how to choose a wedding dress for a surprise wedding? I knew a traditional bridal gown wasn’t for me. I also knew exactly what style of dress I wanted. So I actually didn’t visit any Bridal boutiques to even try on gowns. There was no need.

Instead, I made an appointment with a dress maker, who had made my Year 12 formal dress many moons ago, and had also made me a dress for my 21st birthday. I had worked with Adriana before, trusted her 100% and knew she would help me create what I wanted.

I showed her pictures I had gathered. Each dress had elements of what I was after. A neckline from one, the length of another… as we spoke, Adriana sketched away and showed me what she had come up with. It was spot on.

On top of knowing exactly the style of dress I was after, I also knew what fabric I wanted. Not white. Not ivory. But silver sequins. And I wanted to be in the one dress, from the start of the night – right through to the end.

I didn’t think I wanted a train, but after speaking with Adriana, her expert opinion had me change my mind. Yes, I would have a train after all. It would be hidden though, and then let out when the surprise was revealed – a simple way to take me from ‘party girl’ to ‘bride’.

It was for this reason I decided to have a bouquet as well. I wasn’t going to – but again, it was a small and effective way to transform me to an instant bride.

I knew I wanted the dress code to be set as cocktail. But as for a theme, I hit a stumbling block with the planning and brainstorming of little details. I have a dear friend who is fabulous at styling, and pulling plans and events together – it’s what she does for a living! I knew she would be perfect to throw ideas around with! It would mean I would need to let 1 more person in on the secret. But I knew I had to. For my own sanity, I needed the talented Gabs to help me see the bigger picture. And I was right. Coffee and cake with Gabrielle one Saturday afternoon made everything better. I suddenly had a clear path and everything was far less daunting.

Cocktail : Glitz and Glamour. This is what our theme would be. My sequined gown wouldn’t look out of place, where it may have at just a plain ‘cocktail’ event. I didn’t want anyone getting suss, and this way they were less likely to, because I would fit the Glitz and Glamour dress code to a tee!

Those who know me well, would expect nothing less – I love an excuse to get all dressed up!

I used spray glue and sprinkled silver glitter over each invitation – again, keeping with the glitz and glamour theme for the night… and at the same time, leaving a trail of glitter in the homes of each of our guests, as they pulled their invitation out of its envelope!

To be continued…….

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Ms Gingham says: Oh sequins and glitter……

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