miki.o wedding planner 3

Planning a wedding is a big task and to keep on top of all you need to do it’s probably wise to make a list. What better than to make a pretty list, for a pretty occasion. One of the important items is on the list already, to marry the love of your life! It’s up to you to fill in the rest.

Download your free printable wedding planner in coral and teal.

Images and artwork by miki.0

Ms Gingham says: Gorgeous!!!

About Bianca from miki.0: “I’m originally from the Netherlands where I spent 22 years of my life but I now live, work and play in Melbourne, Australia. In the spare time that I have left I love to cook, read, walk, ski and travel. Last year I spent 4 weeks in South America, which was an amazing experience. Peru was my absolute favourite. We also went to Hawaii, a place I want to return to. This year we’re off to visit my folks back home, but we’re also planning to sneak in some traveling. I’d like to visit Prague & Vienna.”