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I am unashamedly in love with all things Shibori at the moment, which is a Japanese dying technique that is focused on folding, knotting and wrapping fabric to create gorgeous and interesting patterns. Kind of like tie-dying, but with a greater scope for geometric and repetitive pattern.

I thought that a neat way to incorporate this into a wedding-scape would be to use the technique on your napkins, which could then double as gifts for your guests. Each one would be unique, and also something gorgeous that they can use again.

This was actually easier than I thought it would be, and if you were doing a whole bunch of them for all your guests, it really only takes the time to fold each napkin, with them all going into the dye bath together.


1 x white cotton napkin

1 x cotton thread

1 x dark blue/indigo dye (I chose Rit, but you can get any brand you like, as long as it is suitable for cotton)

rubber bands (depending on how you would like to bind your napkin)


Step 1. Accordion-fold your napkin, like you would a paper fan.


Step 2. Then accordion-fold it again, in the opposite direction.

Step 3. Start to bind your napkin with the string (or the rubber bands). The tighter, the more area of white you will have after dying. I kept mine really tight.


Step 4. Get your dye ready according to the instruction of the brand you have chosen. ALWAYS wear gloves, unless you have a desire to have blue-stained hands for days! I left mine submerged in the dye for 10 minute


Step 5. When you’re ready to take out the napkin, rinse it under water until the water runs clear, and hang it out to dry. I hung it over an old towel, just in case there was any dye left that could get on the wall or the ground.

Step 6. Stand back and check out the pattern you’ve created!


 Step 8. When it’s dry, you’re ready to arrange your table-setting with your fabulous DIY shibori dye napkins!


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