Add a bit of glitz and glam to your next event with these metallic edge place cards. They aren’t too tricky to make and the gold accent adds a nice finishing touch to regular place cards!

To make these, you will need:

–          18 kt. Gold leafing pen

–          Chip clip

–          Sheets of cardboard to make your place cards

(or you can use pre-cut place cards)

–          Paper scorer or bone folder

–          Printer

First, cut down sheets of cardboard to an appropriate size to make your place cards. It might be best to use a thick card for greater impact.

Next print your guest names onto the card and score your cardboard down the middle with a paper scorer or bone folder.

Once you have printed all your place cards, tightly stack together a bunch of your place cards and use a chip clip to hold them firmly in place.

Take your gold leafing pen and slowly and carefully paint one edge of your place cards. Leave it to dry completely, then repeat this step on the other edges. You might want to practice this technique on unused pieces of card first, before you start working on your actual place cards.

Next, fold your place card down along the scored part and you’re all done! Hope you had fun with this project!

Tutorial and images by B Studio Wedding Invitations

Ms Gingham says: Simple, effective and easy to do. Great tutorial!

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