Today’s shoot from Lisa Diederich Photography and stylist Alice Richards seems like just the ticket for the cold weather. The rich berry hues, spiced with gold are gorgeous in colder weather (and just as fun as it gets warmer!) and the lace everywhere? Well as a lover of lace, I couldn’t be more delighted. Wanting to take a modern spin on the beauty of lace, Lisa, Alice and the rest of the team put together this shoot.

Lisa remarks, “To bring the lace to life we used a rich colour palette of blood red, blush and gold. The mixture of rich colours, clean lace and the lush green background created a decadent but earthy feel. We also loved the idea of stringing up lace curtains between trees to create a fairy tale setting for the couples table.”

Faye Cahill created a stunning gold and lace cake that we topped with fresh flowers and berries. Alice also made a simple DIY backdrop for the wedding cake by stringing up picture frames covered with lace.”

“Thoughtful details like bread rolls wrapped with a lace bow and lace detailing on the chairs extended the theme to the table setting.”

“Sarah from Paper White Floral Design created a luscious floral headpiece for our bride which makes the photos feel so glamorous.”

The Caitlyn’ by Karen Willis Holmes provided the subtle, white sparkle for the bride’s look.

“Alice was very excited about wrapping a tree in lace (the technical term being to ‘lace bomb’) to create a whimsical backdrop for the ceremony and portraits.”

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