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Today I’m so pleased to be able to share the wedding of the lovely Patrick, part of the team at Julia Jane Photography (Jane is his gorgeous wife!). They are a dynamic duo behind the lens, and their images always have a gorgeous romance about them.

Patrick has been good enough to take some time out to share a glass of (virtual) whisky with us, and reflect on his own day, with some fabulous wisdom for all future grooms!

Tell us about your Wedding!

We decided to have a wedding festival where we brought both families and close friends together for 5 days in an old estate on the NSW south coast. My family came from overseas and it was important for me that it felt almost like home, where the stress of meeting other people and another culture was gone. Knowing the distance between both our families, we knew that this would not happen again before long so my partner and I decided to get away from the city, to a calm and beautiful place.

Staying in a place with the persons you love and care for was priceless, and we felt really privileged. We felt we were in a bubble,  sharing experiences, playing games, drinking wine and eating my native cheese, ham and sausages. With little common language, they learnt to communicate between each other with facial expressions where smiles and bright big eyes were the key words. We wanted a place where every body could unwind and be in harmony with us for the big day. We succeeded. We organized our ceremony in a splendid garden, a real cathedral of nature. We kept it simple, romantic and true. I think everybody felt it. It was a pure moment of joy to share our love with the closest people we have.  That has been a real experience for every body. It was a timeless moment that we will cherish in our memories forever.

australian wedding

australian wedding

Above two images by Cassandra Atkinson

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What was your most memorable moment (or moments!)

Where to start ?

The joyful good-hearted atmosphere

The champagne popping up during the kiss

The degustation of the french cheeses

The dance and party

… No of course, the climax was the exchange of vows with my closest, my love that is now my wife. We both did it in English and French.

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If you could change one thing, what would it be?

One day longer ! … and my hair cut, by pure vanity.

Did you have a favourite vendor?

The person that sold me the ring I gave to my future wife. She really listened to my story and what I wanted.  She really took the time to help me choose the best ring.

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What advice would you have for other men when planning their wedding?

Contribute to it – Make it yours – Bring your own personality into it.   You won’t regret it. There are not many opportunities to do something like this in life.  This is a truly honest moment where you are open with your closest all at once.

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What a truly memorable wedding festival! A celebration of love and togetherness, what pure joy. Thanks so much to Patrick for sharing his beautiful wedding with us today, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about his favourite moments. To have a look at what Patrick & his lovely wife Julia offer their wedding clients, head over to Julia Jane Photography!

Photography by James Thompson from All Grown Up Photography

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