Gumbo Kitchen

It should come as no surprise that I love food trucks. I love everything about them, from the different flavours and styles of food available, to the fun of getting a group together and enjoying your meal in the fresh (sometimes freezing) evening air.

Food trucks are also gaining popularity in the wedding scene, offering an interesting and novel alternative to the sit-down dinner. With a choice as long as your arm, and the ease of packaging and no need for cutlery or plates – it’s a great option!

I’m going to work my way through the selection of great Food Trucks that not only frequent my local neighborhood, but also other regions in Melbourne. If you’re in a different state, I’d love to hear your recommendations!

My first official Truck Tasting was enjoyed with friends (and Ms Herringbone) at Gumbo Kitchen, in Yarraville Gardens. Serving up New Orleans food in Melbourne, featuring delicious gumbos and po boys to tunes from the South, these guys know how to please the soul food lovers.



On the menu are a range of delights – from Po Boys (fresh, crusty white baguette filled with the filling of your choice) to the traditional gumbo. For vegetarians, there is the black bean and rice option, and if you eat seafood – the deep fried shrimp Po Boy is a winner . Deep fried, lightly spiced and battered shrimp, crispy lettuce, tomato, pickles, Cajun spiced remoulade and Crystal hot sauce all packed into a fluffy bread roll – It hits the spot every time!


I had the pulled pork Po Boy, and this has to be my favourite. I love everything about pork, in its many shapes and forms, and this is no exception. Coupled with the cajun spices and the southern ‘slaw.


How could I also not indulge in the gumbo? Chicken sausage and succulent beef served with rice and some crusty bread hits the spot on the cold nights.


The team at Gumbo Kitchen aim to “provide Melbourne with delicious, wholesome and traditional Cajun food”, which is alright by me. To find out more about the truck, its whereabouts and what it could offer for your event, head to their website, like their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter. This is how you’ll find out the next hot spot for Cajun delights!


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