Essentials: 5 Tips for Enjoying Your Whisky

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With my wedding season officially ended it’s time to step down a gear and enjoy some of life’s little pleasures. One of those is the bottle of Talisker single malt whisky I’ve been saving as an end of season treat.

I’ve never really been a whisky drinker but its appeal has been growing on me of late. The not so subtle consumption of it in Mad Men and the number of whisky bars springing up around town have surely been influencers.

Image from The Baxter Inn via The Versatile Gent

But I’ve also noticed an increasing amount of whisky appearing at weddings, ranging from Johnny Walker Black as groomsmen’s gifts and Chivas Regal on the tables, through to the legendary Johnny Walker Blue served up by an expert in a pop up whisky and cigar bar.

Image by Milton Gan Photography

Image by Milton Gan Photography

With this in mind it’s probably just as well that I’m learning to appreciate whisky as I can foresee conversations with groomsmen and guests about how best to drink it, and, just as with anything style related, I like to have an informed opinion.

Likewise if you’re a groom, regardless of your choice of outfit, there is probably no drink that will look more stylish in your hand than a glass of whisky, especially towards the end of the night or, even better, at the after party. So knowing what you’re drinking and how to drink it will only serve to make you appear even more debonair than you clearly already are.

Fortunately the guys at premium drinks specialist Alexander & James have five tips on serving and enjoying your whisky. These cover:

1: Understanding the label – and what terms like “single malt” and the age mean.

2: Glassware – and knowing the difference between a nosing glass and a tumbler.

3: Tasting whisky – and how to identify the nose, palate and finish.

4: What to add – and the effects of ice or water vs drinking it neat.

5: Writing tasting notes – useful but possibly a little inappropriate at your wedding.

What’s even better is that they explain these in more detail in this handy video clip.

Video via Mr Porter

So whether you’re like Mr Errol Flynn and like your whisky old and your women young, or you just like a drop of the good stuff, I hope these tips help to increase your enjoyment of it. Sláinte.

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  • msstripey says:
    June 13, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Loved this advice – even though I’m not a whiskey drinker there are men in my family who are – and who swear that the good drop needs to be savoured neat and not ruined with dry (shock, horror) and ice.

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