In my opinion Bali is the most amazing place on earth but of course it’s changing and evolving really fast.

If you want to decide what to do in Bali, you will always need to bear in mind that this beautiful island in not what it used to be 20 years ago when it was the favorite destination for backpackers from around the world. Nowadays, after 3 decades, it is one of the most popular holiday spots in the world.

Bali offers as many possibilities as the different shades of green you can find in a rice paddy along the road in Ubud.

You can be a party animal, a surfer, a foodie or a yoga maniac; Bali offers you the best for all of those and more.

Bali is the island of good and its energy will make you fall in love.

Learn how to surf in Tugu

If you are not a pro surfer but you still enjoy riding your board in the ocean you must go to Tugu near Canggu.

Independently form your surfing skills you will never forget this spot.

Everybody in the water has the biggest smile on his face, there is not take off with out at least 5 people cheering at you. Which honestly makes you feel pretty special.

The long left and right makes your ride the smoothest ever.

All of this makes the perfect place to learn how to surf, to improve your skills if you are a beginner or to surf among the best surfer in the island.

On top of that, after a long session, you can just walk out of the water and sit in one of the many local bars to enjoy a huge nasi goreng or a fruit salad.

Then if you surf at sunset you will enjoy one of the characteristic that makes bali so famous: its breathtaking sunsets.

Image from Silver Surf Bali

 Talk to the locals

The number of Tourists from all around the world that are spending their holiday in Bali is constantly increasing. Once they get back home they never stop talking about it.

There is no doubt that Bali is an amazing land but what makes this place so special is its own local population.

It’s impossible to think of Bali without having in your mind the huge smile that locals always offer to everybody and their amazing culture.

Balinese are super friendly, try to smile at them and you will receive back the biggest smile you have ever seen in your life.

Their attention to the guest is legendary around the world and probably unbeatable. You will always find gentle people keen to help.

It’s an unforgettable experience when you try to talk to them and try to learn their culture.

Their simplicity and elegance will leave you speechless.


Image by Karen Willis from Sharing Bali

 Enjoy few night at RedDoor

This amazing luxury villa in Bali is perfectly situated in the quiet and beautiful beach village of Canggu. It is 200 metres from the horse stables and 800 metres from Bali’s best restaurants, bars, beaches and surf spots. 20 minutes away is Seminyak which hosts the island’s best food, shopping destinations and nightlife while tourist hub Kuta is a short 30 minutes away.

Created by award-winning designer, George Gorrow, the RedDoor Bali villa is one of the most private and luxurious in the area. Each element values open space and the beauty of nature in the comfortable yet lavish setting. A strong focus on design with 20th century modern furniture puts this rental in a league of it’s own.

RedDoor Bali villa grows its own organic produce in the surrounds of the Bali villa, which you will enjoy in the open plan kitchen space prepared by yourself or your own chef. The property is part of a carbon neutral program supporting rainforest rehabilitation and as such the villa is certified carbon neutral. The partnership with ecoBali Recycling also guarantees that commitment to respecting the environment.

RedDoor Bali villa has every element of luxury you need for a sophisticated experience that is still close to nature.

Image via RedDoor Bali

Eat at Metis

If you are asking yourself what do eat in Bali, you have probably never been there.

Lately Bali has been the destination for some of the most amazing restaurants and chef from all around the world. There are so many new places where you can have an amazing meal.

One of my favorite is hands down Metis.

Metis is a classy French restaurant. You will love its design and especially the view on the rice paddies. There is just a word to describe the food: incredible.

Enjoy your meal.

Image via

 Yoga at Desa Seni

Desa Seni is a small resort that offers a true immersion in the balinese culture.

This fantastic village is the best place to do yoga, whatever your skills are.

It offers various classes in order to satisfy every taste and level. Its teachers have over 10 years experience. You feel like you’re in a bubble, where the only sound around is the wind on the trees or the birds singing. Magical atmosphere.

Image via Desa Seni

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