Stephanie & Barney

I am always gobsmacked when a bride really wears something completely different – whether the dress is coloured, patterned or anything that isn’t white. I love the tradition of bridal white, but with my own desire to be more adventurous, coloured and patterned wedding gowns inspire me so much. So today’s bride, wearing the most beautifully patterned gown which lent itself to the whimsical fun of the day, was right up my alley.

Bride Stephanie kicks it off with the story of how they met. “Barney proposed to me at a very special place to him in the beautiful country town of Tumbarumba where he grew up and where we lived for a couple of years. We had a big fight the night before and I thought he was breaking up with me but he ended up proposing, it was a fabulous surprise!!”

gm photographics captured the fun, whimsical style of today’s wedding in such a stylish way.

Stephanie’s bridesmaids wore white gowns by Jayson Brunsdon.

Stephanie wore a floral patterned Alex Perry gown, explaining, “It was a re-make of a dress of his I saw on the cover of Australian Vogue April 2007 (Once I saw it I dreamed of it one day being my wedding dress!”

For the processional, Stephanie chose ‘Dream Catch Me’ acoustic version by Newton Faulkner.

Stephanie and Barney married at Corpus Christi Church St Ives. Stephanie remarking, “Our ceremony was at the church I have grown up going to and that is adjacent to my primary school.”

Stephanie remembers, “It all just goes so fast but riding in the Mustangs down to Palm Beach with my new husband was great fun!”

Of their photographers, Stephanie says, “They are so good at what they do and I was confident that they would do an amazing job. They were also very patient with me!”

Stephanie and Barney celebrated at Dunes Restaurant, Palm Beach. Stephanie explaining, “My family took me to Dunes for Breakfast and the decision was made without looking at any other venues!”

The wedding was styled by Ana Garcia at Showpony Design who also created the stationery for the event.

Baroque Bistro created a macaron tower in place of a traditional wedding cake for the couple.

Of their first dance, Stephanie recalls, “Barney has always been an Elvis fan so I surprised him with ‘Can’t stop falling in love’.”

Congratulations Stephanie and Barney! Thank you for sharing your story with us! Thank you also to gm photographics for sharing today’s wedding with us.