Steampunk pocketwatch DIY lipgloss

Did you like the watch cufflink and buttonhole set from last fortnight’s post? Well this time I have something in the same style but for the ladies!

Steampunk pocketwatch DIY lipgloss

 Before you start:

You can find pocketwatch necklaces on Etsy, either vintage or new. Try to find one with a solid front; mine has holes in the metal cover but it is lined with glass so it will still protect the contents.

If yours has the watch inside, you’ll need to remove it before starting (simply pop the back open and remove the cogs and face using tweezers).

Steampunk pocketwatch DIY lipgloss

 1. In a small glass, plastic or ceramic bowl, place a small amount of lipstick and about twice as much Vaseline.

2. Place bowl in microwave for 10-20 seconds. Mix the gloss with the popstick until smooth.

3. Dollop or pour the gloss into the watch cavity, using the toothpick to scrape it off the popstick, if required. Allow to cool and set.

For a smooth, professional-looking surface, make sure the mixture is heated to liquid consistency before pouring into the watch.

Not recommended for wearing in summer, as the gloss could melt in warm temperatures.

Steampunk pocketwatch DIY lipgloss

Such a practical accessory as a gift for your bridesmaids!

Tutorial and tutorial photos: Alicia Parsons of Akimbo 

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Ms Gingham says: Agreed! A very practical accessory for your bridesmaids. Very clever.

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