ombre metallic vases

The gorgeous tones of copper and gold are always favourites of mine and creating a somewhat ombre effect with these tonal colours works beautifully for wedding table centrepieces.

metallic vase tutorial

What You’ll Need:

– Spray paint in your choice of colours (Note: The White Knight “Squirts” range provided a much more metallic finish, whereas the Plasti-kote Projekt Paint was a matte metallic.)

– As many jars as you need, clean and dry with labels soaked off.


gold vase tutorial


In a well ventilated area, place your jars on a drop sheet or newspaper. We alternated with gold bases and copper bases which means some jars have to be facing upwards while others need to be facing down for the first spraying.

Using your spray can, shake it for a minute (as per the directions on the can) and then start spraying. Stay about 20 centimetres away from the jars in order to keep the paint from becoming too thick and dripping (several thin coats are always better than one thick one).

gold ombre vases

Leave your jars to dry for an hour or two. Apply a second coat if needed.

metallic ombre vases

Turn the jars over and take your second colour and spray. (Despite our best efforts  we did get some dripping of the gold paint – which we covered with another light spray of the gold after the copper had dried).

copper vase tutorial

Fill your jars with autumn leaves, twigs, berries, or as we did, with copper toned chrysanthemums and magnolia leaves.

Images and project by Ms Polka Dot