Five Tips for Letting Your Personality Shine Through At Your Wedding

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Letting you and your fiancé’s personalities shine through at your wedding can be easier said than done. There are the obvious aspects to the wedding such as the dress, the venue, the music and the flowers, but what about some of the more subtle areas that can make a huge difference?

1. Theme

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Not every wedding has a theme, per se, but most weddings will fall under a theme such as formal, casual, classic etc. Sit down with your fiancé and have a chat about what sort of theme really fits you as a couple.

What do you envision for your day? Do you hate pomp and ceremony and want to opt for a more casual feel, where your groomsmen won’t necessarily be wearing ties? Or do you love creating a huge sense of occasion with formal table settings and dress code?

2. Invitations

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Your invitation is the first experience of your wedding that your guests will enjoy.  It will capture the atmosphere and ambience of what will be an unforgettable day.

There is so much to an invitation that can speak volumes about you as a couple. Do you go for the ‘less is more’ look with simple but effective details? Do you love a particular feature that will be consistent throughout your wedding stationery? Do you want an invitation that will stand out from any the guests have received before?

Fonts, colours, pockets, patterns, calendars, diamantes, ribbon, texture… the list goes on with different options for making your invitations your own. Selecting the theme for your wedding will help narrow down what sort of look you choose to go for.

3. Ceremony

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There is much in a ceremony that you can add your personal touch to as a couple, even in religious ceremonies. Most celebrants, religious or not, will be open to adding your very own additions to the ceremony.

You can to write your own vows and express yourselves in your own words during the ceremony. If prayers are included, some can be sung – look into bands who may ‘perform’ the prayers during the ceremony to add a real splash of character. Couples who opt for less or non-religious ceremonies will be able to design their ceremonies exactly how they wish, from readings, poems, or music, to incorporating a little tradition from both faiths if it is an inter-faith marriage. Choose what is meaningful to you as a couple.

4. First Dance

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This is a really fun one – what song best expresses you as a couple? Do you want to let loose and have fun? Do you want a tear-jerkingly romantic song to which you can waltz around the dance floor?

If you opt for dancing lessons, pick a style of dance that you both love, and think you can pick up reasonably well. Some couples choose not to have dancing lessons, and consider this as an expression of who they are, just as much as those who want something choreographed. It means they can be themselves, dance like themselves, and spend more time enjoying the dance than sweating over remembering the right steps.

Other couples love the challenge of learning and performing a dance together. Dance classes can also be a great way to spend some time together and do something fun in the months leading up to the wedding.

Choose what is right for both of you, but don’t do something just because you feel you have to. Remember, it’s all about having fun!

5. Atmosphere

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The atmosphere of your wedding is the hardest aspect to plan. It is a bit more of an abstract concept than say, the band/DJ you choose for the reception. Everything about your wedding will contribute towards the overall atmosphere on the day – the invitations, the venue, the music, and so on. However the atmosphere on your wedding day can also be the aspect that is the easiest to create, even if you can’t precisely plan it.

Being supremely happy on the day is the simplest way to achieve a brilliant atmosphere at your wedding, and since you are marrying the love of your life, this should be a piece of cake! The best atmospheres at weddings are always created by a glowing couple because the feelings are contagious and spread to the rest of the guests in attendance. It also helps if your parents and bridal party are relaxed and having fun too, so the more relaxed you are the better. If you’re having fun, everyone else will too!
There are many other ways to inject some of ‘you’ into your wedding. Start by making a list of what you love most, and see if you can incorporate it into the day somewhere. You never know what you might come up with!

Ms Gingham says: Nicely written article by Toni outlining some really important points.

Toni Ossher of  Be My Guest Invitations: As someone working in the science industry, I had to find an outlet for me creativity. My hobby over the last few years was to hand-make birthday cards for close family members. When I realised that I needed a career change, I decided to convert that hobby into a business.

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