Elvyra and Denny

Elvyra and Denny’s gorgeous Balinese wedding is just the ticket for a cold Australian Thursday! Kicking off in Uluwatu the incredible backdrop just added to the beautiful celebration.

Elvyra explains how they met. “He saw my photos when I was  still with my ex boyfriend. And Denny was joking with his ex girlfriend, that he wanted to know about me. His ex girl friend is my ex boy friend’s girl friend.. so its like the benefit of exes.. 😀 Later on when I had a photo shoot in Bali he wanted to meet me.. (I was single at that time.. but I’m not interested in him) so we didn’t meet!!! And he was going to Surabaya  to go to a wedding  and have some meetings over there. But I know it’s just only a reason to meet me hahaha and finally I accompany him in Surabaya.. The next day I have fashion show in Jakarta.. and he asked me to take me out. I was thinking he was fooling around with me. How come we met in Surabaya last night.. and the next day we had dinner in Jakarta.. a bit scary but funny.. he is like my admirer 😀 After knowing him for 1 month he ask me to be his girlfriend. And I rejected (him). But later on after I know he is a good man.. I was the one who asked him to be my boyfriend.”

Photos today are by Ever Motion Photo who captured the fun and joy that comes with a destination wedding.

Elvyra chose a gown by designer Alben Ayub Andal. The couple prepared at Arama Riverside Villa.

Of their photographer, Elvyra says, “Awesome photographer! I knew them from our engagement session and they made incredible pictures of us… By that I knew they will make and capture our wedding moments and details creatively, and they did! ”