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Rustic is the word of the month it seems, and our guest today could not be more fitting! The lovely Jessica from JekkiLu Handmade makes bespoke cake stands, signs and wreaths from materials found in nature. If you don’t have a chainsaw handy, or the time to search for that perfectly-shaped branch – she’s your lady!

With great advice and a lovely story to boot – Jessica has joined us today to talk all things rustic!

What was your path to crafting handmade items?

I love creating things, so when we bought our home in Werris Creek and there was a wall that needed a special something I turned to the garden for inspiration. That is where the ‘Heart Twig Wreath’ was born. I started wishing I had them for my wedding 2 years prior… So with this thought my Jekki Lu Handmade Etsy shop was opened for business. I started seeing all these natural things that I could use to create beautiful and special items for weddings. Things that I wish were available when I was planning my wedding. I have since added Ironbark Tree slices and rustic wedding signs to my store and my Brides love them!


Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from nature itself. My mind runs wild with dreams and possible creations when I am wandering through bush tracks or getting my hands dirty in the garden. Being a Wedding photographer has also helped give me insight to what couples want to add personal touches to their special day.

What is the most common question you are asked by couples?

The most common question I get asked is ‘Can the item be customized to suit us’, Yes! I not only see it as a challenge to create a unique and personal item for each couple but it is a pleasure and makes me so happy to be creating unique items that play a big part in their special day.


What is your favourite colour palette?

I am totally in love with Cream, Dusty Pink, Vintage Mint, Swiss Mocha and Royal Rose! I love pastels and anything a little vintage.

Do you have a favourite style of wedding (rustic, vintage, modern, classic etc)?

I absolutely love Shabby, handmade and vintage style weddings. I think handmade items really add that personal touch to a wedding. It creates a homely and earthy feel that store bought things cannot. So when I visualize the perfect wedding it is a handmade wedding cake on a natural ironbark tree slice, heart shaped wreaths tied to each chair, bridesmaids in vintage inspired dresses and the bride in lace with a bunch of peonies. I see Groomsmen in vintage grey vests with feather, twig and twine boutonnières. I am directed to the wedding by hand painted signs on rustic weathered old timber and enjoy a seat on a bale of straw covered with vintage floral.

Share with us your top Etsy store pick!

I love my Ironbark Tree Slices because they are so ‘out of the ordinary’ but beautifully so! They look amazing whether you are having a one tier home baked wedding cake or a 3 tier cake. They suit sleek weddings and they suit woodlands and vintage inspired weddings. They are very versatile. The dark rough textured bark is a beautiful contrast to a white or Ivory cake. The colour of the wood is a deep earthy red orange and looks so rich and lovely. They have a gorgeous circular grain which I like to think of as the couple’s journey, there are lumps and knots that you will have to overcome but we all know that a circle cannot be undone. I offer the option for personalization, and also to have the slice on a rustic matching stand. The Tree Slice can be kept for years as a symbol of your journey together.

rustic cake stand

What is your DIY advice for couples?

Research and find cost effective and unique alternatives to traditional items. Don’t let traditions get in the way of something different. Being ‘different’ is unique, personal and yours and that is what your day is about, being you!

What is the one tool you can’t do without?

My camera! It captures my vision and makes them real. I wouldn’t be able to share how beautiful my items are if I couldn’t capture their uniqueness in a photograph to show couples. So I am very grateful for my camera.

rustic wedding sign

When a bespoke item can also become a keepsake that you can treasure for your whole marriage, that is special! Thanks so much to Jessica for sharing her journey to DIY and her invaluable advice with us today, and if you’d like to secure yourself a rustic beauty, head to her Etsy store for more information.

All images courtesy Jessica Page Photography.

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