Floreat-Floral-DesignWe welcome Jane from Floreat Floral Design today. Surrounding yourself with the colours and scents of blooms everyday would surely be one of life’s great pleasures wouldn’t it? There is an uncomplicated and unstructured quality to Jane’s floral pieces that is so appealing and stylish for today’s bride. Let’s see what makes Jane tick…..

I would describe my floral style as…

Relaxed, simple and natural. I know “picked from the garden” is a bit of a cliché now, but that’s pretty much what it is! I believe it’s important to design a floral theme for a wedding around the venue so they look as “in-situ” and natural as possible, an extension of what’s there already, if that’s possible.

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Image by Summerland Photography

What do you most love about flowers – shape, colour, or their perfume?

Being living things, what I really love about flowers is that they are like people, and no flower is the same, whether it’s their colour, shape, or perfume. But I do particularly love their perfume. I’d love to think when you walk into a wedding you can really smell the flowers before you even see them! That’s why I tend to use a lot of herbs, and other beautiful smelling flowers and foliage.

Let’s dream – if money were no object, how would you style the flowers for a wedding? And what flowers would you choose?

I guess I would just have lots and lots of them, whether they be expensive flowers or not! Despite a big budget, my theory would still be to keep it simple. Flowers like hydrangea, lavender, jasmine, or roses all look amazing en masse. I really love using flowering trees like different blossom or magnolia that really create an impact in a simple way. I also LOVE chamomile, it’s my favourite, because it’s so simple and pretty.

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Image by Lisse Photography

When choosing a wedding florist what questions should brides ask?

I actually think what is more important is what the florist asks the bride! It’s so important for the florist to understand the look and feel the bride is going for. In most instances a Bride has never had to choose their wedding flowers before and has no idea where to start, or how much it’s going to cost, so it’s really up to the florist to help the Bride express what they are looking for – what feel they want in the room, colours, exactly what flowers they like and don’t like. And probably most importantly, their expectations about how much they think it’s all going to cost!

What information should they have at hand for you at your first meeting?

It really helps if you’ve put some thought into the colours and style you’d like – pictures really help, or even better a Pinterest page! This helps your florist understand your personality and style.

It also helps to know the facts – details on the venue, how many bouquets  and buttonholes you need, what type of reception the wedding will be – cocktail or sit-down meal, and how many guests/tables there will be if the reception is sit-down. While this might not be as important months ahead of your big day, it will help you understand the budget you need to set aside for your flowers.

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Image by Tess Godkin Photography

It seems to be roses, roses and peonies that are the favourite flowers for brides. How can we add more of an Australian flavor to our wedding flowers, especially now we are coming into winter?

There is a reason why they are favourite flowers for brides – they are so stunning!! But I honestly think to add more of an Australian flavor to wedding flowers is not just the obvious, to choose native flowers (which I do love), but to simply choose what’s in season locally.

This is where an understanding between you and your florist comes in. When you’ve successfully established with them the look and feel that you are after, they are best placed to choose seasonal flowers that really suit that look. So you’ve really got to leave it up to them to create the floral wonderland you envisaged with the freshest and most beautiful flowers at the markets.

How can brides ‘dare to be different’ with their flowers?

While wedding flowers are typically white and pastel colours, brighter colours can add a completely different dimension and look to a wedding!

Being adventurous with colour opens up a whole range of new flowers that you can use. Approaching winter, some of my favourite beautiful, striking flowers that still have that feminine element suited to a wedding include rhododendrons, cyclamens, lilac, violets, and even kumquats. Olive foliage also adds a beautiful tone suited to these bright colours, and is a bit different to the usual hydrangea, viburnum or magnolia foliage.

My favourite time of the year for wedding flowers is…

I honestly couldn’t say, because I keep changing my mind as the seasons change!! I think perhaps it might be late spring, because that’s when chamomile first appears at the markets. At that time, you’ve also got beautiful hydrangea and David Austin roses in all sorts of stunning colours, which can be softened with stunning, fragrant, trailing jasmine. And of course peonies!

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Image by Hayley Fowler Photography

An autumn/winter wedding bouquet would include….

If you get married in the winter months, I think you should really embrace the flowers you have at your fingertips to really create a winter wonderland.

I get goosebumps when I think of this soft, feminine, wintry combination – helleborous, anenomes, pierus, white ranunculus and sweet peas. Beautiful flowering magnolia or blossom spread all around the room would compliment this combination.

My dream for my business is..

For people to recognize my style and come to me because they love it too!

My favourite activity in my spare time is…

Smelling flowers.

 P5 RS Image by Floreat Floral Design

Thank you Jane for your interview today. For more of Jane’s gorgeous work visit her website.

Headshot by Lisse Photography