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 Loving all things hair and makeup here at Polka Dot Bride, we are thrilled to introduce the girls from All Things Girlie. After a long friendship Vicki Lozanovski (left) Billie Filippone (right) joined forces in 2010. They form the perfect team for your wedding – Vicki is the hairstylist of the duo and Billie is the makeup artist. How lovely it would be to sit down and relax on your wedding day, sipping a glass of bubbly, and have these two girls pamper you and your maids  without the rush of one person trying to do it all. From soft and natural to modern and on trend   All Things Girlie will create the perfect look for you. Grab a cup of coffee and read on……

Other than her dress, a bride’s hair and makeup are the most important elements (to her personally). Can you tell us what it means to you to help her look her very best?

Brides deserve to look and feel their best for the whole day, and we love being the ones that tie it all together. Stunning dress, gorgeous shoes, beautiful jewellery, and perfect hair and makeup!

There’s definitely a huge element of satisfaction that we get out of being part of something so important. It’s not only the compliments we get once the bride’s ready, but it’s the notes we get from brides once the wedding is over. To know that their look lasted all day, they were complimented all night, and the photos turned out perfect – that’s what it’s all about!

Image courtesy of All Things Girlie

How do you help the bride decide what hair and makeup styles suit her best on her wedding day?

You can find a bride’s ideal style once you understand what we refer to as the 3p’s;

  • Photos – go through examples of photos they like and why.
  • Place – understand where they are getting married, what the key themes are, what jewellery they’re wearing etc
  • Personality – has the bride a more soft and gentle, or a more bubbly personality?

Once we understand this information, we work together with our bride to create the right look for her.

Image courtesy of All Things Girlie

Is it best to do a trial before the big day?

We always recommend a trial especially if a bride is unsure about the look she’s after. A trial gives her the opportunity to try different styles, get our professional opinions, and very importantly get to know her hair and makeup artists.

We can try various hair and makeup looks to ensure she’s completely happy and at ease on her big day.

Do you see any trends emerging for wedding hair and makeup in 2013?

The modern vintage look is huge at the moment.  Finger waves and red lips are also in high demand this year. We’re also seeing the comeback of the French roll with a modern twist, teamed up with a gorgeous bronze smokey eye.

Five tips for beautiful skin on your wedding ?

Drink heaps of water, exfoliate the morning of the big day, moisturise, do any waxing 3-5 days prior, and of course try to get lots of sleep!

Five tips for beautiful hair on your wedding day?

Have fresh clean hair, avoid leave in conditioner/treatments, touch up of colour the week of the wedding, have hair layered if you want a down style, use clip in extensions to create length and volume.


Image by Story Tellers Photography

Any hair and makeup tips for things we shouldn’t do for the wedding day?

For hair to stay and style best, we suggest no hair treatments/Moroccan oil as they can make the hair too limp.

Facial waxing/treatments shouldn’t be left too close to the day either, as some ladies have the tendency to break out.

What about the wedding party- how should they prepare for wedding hair and makeup?

They should be prepared with pictures of what they’d like. For makeup preparation simply have clean and exfoliated skin.

In regards to hair, shampoo twice the night before and use a tiny bit of conditioner on the ends.  Ensure your hair is dried and stretched out if curly.


Image by Milk Photography

Mothers of the bride and groom – do you have any tips to help her to look her best?

We always tell the mums to not be afraid to try something a little different.

We love to create a modern twist to a classic style with their hair & makeup, after all, they need to look gorgeous too!


Image by Yusuke Sato Photography

Makeup and hair styles are always evolving from season to season. Do you use the trends to influence your wedding looks?

We definitely use trends to keep our brides looking modern, although it is very important to look timeless on your wedding day .

If you were stranded on a desert island what product or item would you hope you had with you?

If I couldn’t bring my mobile phone, I’d have my Mascara!

What are your favourite cafes for your Saturday morning coffees?

Saturday morning coffee usually consists of a quick drive through McCafe between brides!!

Thank you for these tips and ideas Billie and Vicki. For more information about the services  All Things Girlie provide, and the looks they create, visit their  website