Australian Bush Wedding

Photo by Luke Lornie

It’s often a challenge to sort out what you’re wearing when you’re a guest at a wedding. Is there a dress code? Is the ceremony indoor or outdoors? Will you need comfy shoes for walking/dancing/diving for the bouquet? Is there a theme? Tough right?

Spare a thought for those at the wedding who aren’t guests. If you thought you had it tough, what about the people who need to fit in but not stand out? Those who need to be professional but not over-dressed. Those who may also need to climb a tree.

We sat down with some industry professionals to find out how they approach dressing for the big day. This stylish lot have provided some fabulous tips and advice when working with vendors for your big day. We’ll be asking a celebrant, photographers and the band for their thoughts on this fashionable issue!

THE CELEBRANT – Meriki Comito, Simply Celebrant

Australian Celebrant

Photo by Pro Shot Photography

1. How do you decide on your outfit for a wedding? What are the variables that you would take into account?

I always discuss the dress code, style and colour theme for the ceremony with the Bride and Groom and then offer them some options as to what they might like to see me in. I also try to take into account the location of the ceremony, as well as the colour of the bridesmaids gowns and the groomsmen’s attire, to try and complement the entire event as a whole. Celebrants in particular also end up spending a lot of time in front of the camera with the Bride and Groom and could possibly spoil a gorgeous photo if their cleavage was the focal point of the ring exchange, or the signing of the registry! Jingly jewellery can also become distracting, as can sparkly pieces that reflect too much light.

2. Have you ever been asked to wear something unusual or “themed”?

Not yet! But I love to dress up – whether that be formal, cocktail, or fancy dress! So I would definitely NOT be opposed to wearing whatever the Bride and Groom deemed appropriate for their day – A Fairy Godmother perhaps? Just saying…

3. Do you have a piece that is a particular “favourite” or the perfect “fallback”? 

Like most ladies out there, any new purchase is my favourite! And although my husband is constantly telling me that I need to stop buying dresses, a new one always seems to find it’s way home with me each time I head out to “pick up a few things from the shop”…. But a simple and stylish black cocktail dress is always the perfect choice for any ceremony, with no particular theme or dress code.

4. What advice or tips would you give both couples and other professionals? 

Brides, in particular, often spend months planning their wedding down to the tiniest of details, so I strongly believe that a celebrant’s own choice of attire on the day, without consulting the Bride & Groom first, could be detrimental to the styling efforts of the couple. There are already many professional industry service providers out there who understand completely how important it is to be dressed appropriately at a wedding, so my advice to couples, is to never feel uncomfortable about imposing a strict dress code onto your service providers in order to attain a streamlined visual impact.

Meriki Comito of Simply Celebrant is a professional and experienced younger celebrant in Melbourne, who is genuinely passionate about creating and presenting ceremonies that truly reflect every couple she meets. Meriki is an Australian Bridal Industry Award Finalist and member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants.