How long did it take you to pick an outfit for that last wedding you attended? Was there a dress code, or a theme? I still find it hard to choose something even when it’s written in plain language on the invite (this may just be my indecisive nature however)!

Spare a thought then for those at the wedding who aren’t guests. Particularly the ones on display all night, sometimes on a stage, up front for all to see.

This week we caught up with the lovely Hayley & Michael from the hard-working wedding band The Baker Boys, to find out how they prepare for the big day.

THE BAND – Hayley & Michael – The Baker Boys

Baker Boys Band

Hayley & Michael – The Baker Boys

1. How do you decide on your outfit for a wedding? What are the variables that you would take into account?

Michael: As a musician my job is first and foremost to encourage people to let their hair down and have fun, so I always have this in my mind when I’m getting ready. It’s important to consider the atmosphere the couple are trying to create at their wedding and I do my best to enhance this not only musically, but visually as well……I find the couple’s taste in music is always a great indication of their personal style and the vibe they’re trying to create.

2. Have you ever been asked to wear something unusual or “themed”?

Hayley: ALL THE TIME! I’ve worn afro wigs, sequinned 70’s flares, 80’s ra ra skirts, fake tattoos, not to mentioned teased, mohawked, and generally tortured my hair over the past few years.

3. Do you have a piece that is a particular “favourite” or the perfect “fallback”?

Michael:  Nothing beats a well tailored black suit, white shirt, skinny black tie.

4. What advice or tips would you give both couples and other professionals?

Hayley: It’s interesting I’m being asked this today actually – I played at a wedding on Saturday night and a guest was wearing a long white dress….I thought these sorts of stories were just urban myth – but it seems they do happen.

Michael: I don’t know much about ladies fashion, but even I know white under any circumstances at a wedding, unless you’re the bride, is a big NO NO!

The Baker Boys Band is a full-time professional group of musicians who believe that every great event, whether big or small, must have a truly spectacular band. They pride themselves on having a “cooler-than-average” song list that is never cheesey, and focuses squarely on filling your dance-floor. With the Baker Boys Band you’ll get the best musicians in the country, playing your favourite music.