Choosing my top ten favorite cakes I made last year was actually really hard! I loved them all for different reasons and found it so difficult to narrow it down to just ten, but I finally managed it!!!! Here are my top ten for 2012 and the reasons why:

10. Blue Topaz, there where soooo many petals to make for this design but it just turned out so gorgeous!!!

blue topaz

9. Holly, black and white with bling  – what’s not to love??


8. Blue Chevaun, loved using white as the accent and palest of blue as the main in this cake

blue chevaun

7. The Danika, I loved the flowers I made for this cake and I think it all worked perfectly!


6. The Amethyst, my favorite colour is purple and I loved doing a wedding cake in chocolate!


5. The Seddon, so much fun to make a teacup out of icing and hand paint it! Then to see how brilliantly this fitted in with the garden tea party reception was so exciting!!


4. Ivory Wrap, I loved the massive roses against the large ruffles.

ivory wrap

3. The Karensa, my favorite things in one cake, monochrome, bling and big!!!


2. The Phillipa, I just loved everything about this cake.


1. the Travers, well this is my favorite for so many reasons. Firstly I am so into yellow at the moment!! Then there is the fact there is only a mere 260 fresh roses used in the design and it was the biggest cake of the year!!!


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Ms Gingham says: Cake posts always make me soooo hungry!!! My favourite is the Danika but so hard to choose!! What a fabulous year you had Taya!

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