OK so being a wedding videographer myself you could say I’m a bit biased here, but I really do believe in the importance of creating a perfect wedding film so I’m here to share with you a few reasons that you might not have thought of for why you might like to consider a videographer for your big gorgeous day.

 1 – Video captures candid moments

It is extremely difficult to capture candid imagery with still photography. Unless you’re asking people to pose, you’ll have one eye open, one closed, and uncle bob will be halfway through a sneeze. The magic of video is that people don’t need to pose. You can your guests can move around, talk, dance, play… and even sneeze. The video will be even more beautiful for it.


2 – Short films online are highly watchable and shareable

If you ever wonder when you’re going to watch your video, my answer is all the time! If you opt for a “highlights” film around 3-5 minutes in length you can upload, share it with your friends on facebook, watch it at work when you have a few minutes down time. Even longer films of around 30 minutes require only the same commitment as watching a TV show. The trick here is to think outside of the idea that a wedding video is a dry recording of the ceremony that you’ll never watch. Find a videographer who will create a film that captures all the wonder of your day.

3 – Modern cameras are small and awesome

If you’re worried that a wedding videographer will be disruptive with a big heavy camera, tripod and lights then rest assured that technology has changed a lot in the last couple of years. Make sure your videographer is using a DSLR camera, they are small, unobtrusive, and with the right lenses your videographer won’t need to bring lights.

4 – Nothing captures emotion like live action

Tears, laughter, nerves and big happy grins come to life in video. Photos are wonderful but they don’t tell the full story, it’s video that will really capture the atmosphere of your wedding. You’d be amazed at all the moments that you can capture on video.


5 – You’ll get to watch your wedding day

This is the one reason that I hear from so many couples, and I think it’s the most important. When it’s you’re wedding, you don’t get to actually watch it from the outside, you’re too busy experiencing it! With a wedding video you get to watch your wedding and see what it looks like from the outside. The actual day will be a blur, but to later sit down and watch a beautifully produced film will be an incredibly special experience, I guarantee it.

All images in this post are stills from video by Lovely Day Pictures

Ms Gingham says: Totally in agreement here! I think having a film of your day is so important! Please don’t leave it up to a well intentioned guest or you risk special moments being missed because lens caps are left on or the guest has laid into the home brew (as they should!).

About Lovely Day Pictures: Lovely Day Pictures creates beautiful, journalistic style wedding films. All films are unique, indie, fun and free of cliches. The studio is run by Suzie Haslam, a Melbourne based film maker who absolutely loves filming weddings.