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Lucy and Nathan

The Mornington Peninsula always offers incredible locations for weddings and today’s couple Lucy and Nathan took to Somers to celebrate their union, choosing a historic homestead and the general store to marry and dance the night away.

Lucy tells their story. “We actually met through social networks at Church. Nathan was running a Friday night get together for year 8 high school boys. It just so happened that Lucy’s younger brother, Sam was one of those year 8 boys and that the house where the get together was held for six months, every week, was at their house. Lets say that it didn’t take Lucy long to notice Nathan, however it did take Nathan probably the whole six months to realise how amazing Lucy was. As soon as Nathan made the realisation that he might be in with a chance, he made the bold move to invite Lucy to his 22nd birthday. Its all history from there.”

Photographs today are by Little Wolf Photography who are new to the Polka Dot Bride blog and take the most gorgeous images!

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Lucy found her pale pink gown in a store on Min St, Mornington. She and Nathan made the stationery themselves.

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Lucy accessorised her gown with her grandmother’s pearls. A gift to her grandmother from her grandfather.

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Coolart Gardens and Homestead – Somers set the scene for the ceremony with one little mishap. “Because the whole plan was simple – to get hitched, it meant that we had an absolutely amazing day. There were of course the small things that did not go to plan, but they by no means over shadowed the day. One such example was that just as the bridal car was arriving with Lucy inside, Nathan’s close friends who were in charge of pressing ‘play’ on the ipod realised that somehow all the songs on the ipod were totally cleared. It was literally seconds before Lucy was about to step onto the stairs when Nathan’s friend Rhys finally finished downloading the song ‘Dawn’ by Jean-Yves Thibaudet onto his iPhone for her to walk down the aisle.”

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“We really wanted our family and friends to feel involved in the formal part of the ceremony, so while we were saying our vows we had our mums pass the rings around to all the guests so that they could say a little prayer or wish us well while they were holding them. The rings made their way up to us at the front where our mums gave them to us to exchange.”

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“Another special idea that we had was to arrange for a small table with champagne and mineral waters to be set up for the guests at the wedding ceremony. This provided a fantastic atmosphere which allowed friends to begin to mingle, relax and chat whilst getting some amazing group shots and other photos around the grounds of the beautiful homestead. This really did set the relaxed theme for the day right from the beginning.”

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Of their photographers, Lucy remarks, “Little Wolf Photography is run by two brothers who happen to be friends of ours! The boys take the most amazing photos. We particularly wanted to have candid, informal photos, which they absolutely nailed!”

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Somers General Store was chosen for the reception, Lucy telling, “We pretty much did everything ourselves, it was fun for us both to do crafty things together! We made our own invitations and order of services, and all the ceremony decorations including the vintage milk bottle vases which lined the aisle, little sticks with ribbons for waving. I did my own flowers. We also put together little packages of flower seeds for guests to take home and plant!”

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The groom has a surprise up his sleeve, Lucy telling, “Nathan had planned a secret surprise for me during the wedding reception. Just before the speeches were to begin, Nathan firstly had a close friend Sarah Dingwall read out my favourite childhood story book; its a beautiful story of two rabbits who fall in love. Immediately after this story was over, Nathan got back up and began to sing a personally adjusted version of Jack Johnsons “Angel”, with my cousin Josh Walton from the “Corner Shop Kids” on acoustic guitar. There was literally not a single female dry eye in the room as he breezed his way through an amazing song. (singing is not something Nathan has ever done in public before).”

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Of their first dance, Lucy remembers, “We didn’t really plan a formal “first dance” – we had asked my cousin to sing a song and when she did we just.. started dancing! What made it beautiful for us was, after a while both sets of parents joined us.”

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Congratulations on your marriage Lucy and Nathan! Thank you for sharing your special day with us! Thank you also to Little Wolf Photography for sharing today’s images!