Lisa & Viktor

A wedding from the other side of the world in somewhere as stunning as Sweden? That’s the journey we’re taking today on Polka Dot Honeymoons with this amazing Swedish celebration for Lisa and Viktor.

Lisa tells their story. “Viktor and I went to high school together. We became best friends during winter of junior year 2003. By summer we were inseparable. This one evening we were watching a movie at a friend’s house, he noticed I was acting strange so he asked me what was wrong. I told him I wanted to kiss him. One week later we were officially a couple. Three years later we moved in to our first apartment. Five years later we bought our first apartment and this is when we really started talking about weddings. After celebrating 9 1/2 years together Viktor blew me away with his proposal the night before Christmas eve 2011.”

Therese Winberg captured today’s intimate, moving images which are so beautiful!

“When Viktor and I had had our first look, all dressed up and with our bridesmaids and groomsmen along side we had lunch delivered to the hotel room. I try to always plan one step ahead and of course I had ordered 5 bathrobes for us girls to cover our dresses as we ate our lunch. I put my robe on, sit down and open a tiny jar of salad dressing and SPLAT! A stain at the very center of my gown! I screamed out for a second, stood up and laughed! We had deliberately ordered white dressing so no stains would ruin our clothing. We could remove the stain with club soda and everything was honky dory.”

“The most apparent detail was the streak of black. Only my mother and maid of honor knew I was wearing a black bow sash. I wore black shoes with bows on them, my purse had a black bow and for the table settings each napkin had a black satin ribbon and each wreath had a black satin ribbon. Both Viktor and I wanted our families to be involved and represented during our big day, unfortunately both Viktors’ grandparents have passed. To have them with us during our wedding day I had Viktors’ grandmother’s pendant pinned to my bouquet and Viktor wore his grandfather’s pocket watch. I wore an old hair piece my mother had as a broach when she was a teenager, it represented my Irish heritage and my Irish grand parents whom have passed. ” Lisa wore a gown from Forever Bridals while her bridesmaids wore black dresses from Asos.

Lisa and Viktor met for the first time n their wedding day in the hotel room.

Of their photographer, Lisa says, “Therese Winberg is a new found friend of ours. We got to know her and her husband 4 months before their wedding. The four of us had an instant connection, especially as we were all planning weddings. Therese is a multi-tasker in the wedding industry and we immediately loved her style. She booked us for an engagement session so that we could discuss our hopes for our wedding pictures. After receiving the photos from the engagement session we were absolutely smitten! She has a unique view, she captures the all the right people, all the angles, all the smiles, tears and laughs!”

Slots Biografen was chosen for the ceremony. Lisa explains “Both Viktor and I are from Uppsala and we knew we wanted our wedding in our hometown. Our guest list was larger than an average Swedish wedding so we needed a large venue to host the dinner party. And what better than a castle from the 16th century? Since we wanted a fall wedding (my favorite season) we had to find an indoor venue for the ceremony and we wanted it to be close to the castle. We had a few different options in mind but fell in love with an old movie theater at our first viewing. The theater went hand in hand with the style of the castle and our color scheme of ivory, champagne and black. ”

“Right before the ceremony we were hiding out upstairs. We got the signal to line up and get ready to walk in. As we were walking down the stairs and forming our line we could hear our song was almost over and song number two started playing! Viktor looked at me and we all laughed. After a minute or two we could hear the music being shut off, all our guests laughed, as the room was quiet the music started playing and the doors opened for Viktor to walk down the aisle and wait for me. Nothing could ruin my day and till this day we still laugh about it! ”

“Viktor and our bridesmaids and groomsmen walked in to “I choose you” by Willie Hutch. My father walked me down the aisle to “Let’s stay together” by Al Green. As newlyweds we walked out to “Are you ready for love” by Elton John.”

The couple held their reception at Ilalina, catered by Cajsas Kök. Lisa remembers, “The food was wonderful and the wine was lovely. Besides Viktor being a food enthusiast he is most of all a music enthusiast. The band he booked, the Clappers made our dance floor the best it could be! People were dancing barefoot till closing time and still tell us stories of how much fun they had while dancing!”

“We did a few DIY projects. My husband and I did all the planning ourselves, with the help of our families. I made about 60 tissue pompoms from scratch, I spray painted about 30 different kinds of glassware as candle holders, I sewed 114 linen napkins and tied 114 black silk ribbons for place settings. My mother did all the flower arrangements and 26 wreaths. My brother made the paper goods and with some help of a friend he also made our wedding website. My maid of honor hand wrote all the addresses on the invitations.”

Lisa remarks, “Since my husband is a DJ and music producer we spent a lot of time choosing the perfect songs for our wedding. Choosing the song for our first dance was the hardest. We wanted the song to be easy to dance to, not very typical but yet easy to remember. We listened to plenty of albums before deciding on the very first song, “What a difference a day made” of Jamie Cullum’s album “Twenty something”. It is our album of choice most Friday evenings as we cook dinner and start the weekend. We practiced our first dance at home in our living room and we both agreed we didn’t want to make it complicated. Just the two of us dancing to our Friday night song, just like most weekends.”

Congratulations Lisa and Viktor! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you to Therese Swinberg for sharing today’s images!