Kathryn and Matt

The gorgeous feeling of a winery wedding is something I hope I never fall out of love with and today’s celebration of Kathryn  and Matt is particularly chic!

Kathryn kicks it all off with their story. “Matt and I met through friends at a party 7 years ago, they introduced us because he was the only single guy who was taller than me (I’m 6ft). It wasn’t exactly love at first sight but our relationship quickly developed.”

Photographs today are by Ash Vesali who has worked to capture beautiful, stunning moments of the wedding day.

Kathryn chose a gown from Judith Valente Bridal Couture. Kathryn recalls, “My dress fit perfectly and I felt so special all day.”

Winery Yering Station was chosen by Kathryn and Matt as the wedding venue. “The wedding ceremony and reception was held at Yering Station in the Yarra Valley. This venue means a lot to Matt and I as it was a place we discovered together on a trip to the Yarra Valley in 2011. Matt and I come from Western Australia and we both grew up visiting various wine regions around the State, we feel relaxed and happy in these environments therefore the Yarra Valley was a natural choice for us! All along I was set on having minimal decorations and letting the venue speak for itself and I feel like Yering Station well and truly delivered this.”

A beautiful moment and one of Kathryn’s favourites happened right before the ceremony. “All day I had felt unusually calm in the lead up to the ceremony but as I stepped out of the car and the guests caught a glimpse of me I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I started to loop my arm in my Fathers and he said ‘this feel weird lets hold hands’ and all of a sudden I started to relax again, it was a special moment where he reassured me and made me ready for what lay ahead.”

Flowers Vasette created the floral arrangements for the day.

Of their photographer, Kathryn says, “Our photographer Ash Vesali was recommended to us by my sister who has worked with him in the past. He was experienced and provided Matt and I with a lot of very useful information before the big day. I felt comfortable with the photographic locations he recommended and trusted his creative eye for special candid shots. I was a little stressed about the strong winds blowing a gale during our photographs but I couldn’t be happier with the final shots.”

yarra valley winery wedding34

“During our photographs we ventured to the vineyards at Yering Station and realised the gate was locked. We were on a tight schedule so the groomsman hoisted me up over the fence while Matt scaled the wires, I was shocked at first but loved the boys for making the effort! I believe some of these shots were the best ones on the day.”

Kathryn remarks, “The speeches were wonderful and a fun addition to the night. ”

Congratulations Kathryn and Matt! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Ash Vesali for sharing today’s wedding with us!